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Jenna V. Jenna V.
Every small pond should have one!
I’m loving it!! If there’s a lot of wind it’s kinda pointless turning it on but when the wind dies down that’s when the magic happens! It’s one of those oddly satisfying things to watch it dancing across the water. I will probably add another one to the opposite side of the pond to get full coverage.
Johanne Johanne
Love it
It is bigger than anticipatedGreat quality
Sophia Izreal Sophia Izreal
Make sure water is the right level above the sensor.
I've only had this item a month and haven't used it for long periods of time, but so far it works great!At one point I thought it wasn't working because I misunderstood the instructions. I thought the water levelneeded to be 2cm above the atomizer heads. I didn't realize that the the black plastic knob on top was a water sensor and the level needed to be 2cm above that. As soon as I took care of that everything worked great!
Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc.
Fits perfectly to their floats, no more hassles setting the tank water float valve exactly
The drivers are angled, spreading the fog better than the ten driver flat top one we began with. They also come with spare discs although we have not yet had a failure after 6 months with our first trial run.We are humidifying mushroom harvest rooms.
Ryland Ryland
Works as interested
Works well. Used it as a fog machine but will probably need to buy a second one.
Kandice Quindt Kandice Quindt
Exactly what I ordered.
The size of the item and the output both match description. Thank you!
M. Twain M. Twain
IMPORTANT UPDATE BELOW: I use as a humidifier for a huge house in winter.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: After 1 year or so of solid use, You need to open each one of the heads and clean the gunk from inside of them with Windex OR sooner if it starts to slow down the amount of steam it puts out. You just need some paper towels / Windex and lightly dab / wipe over and over until the black gunk is gone and the springs are shinny again. The disc's can have black circle marks on the back of them without issues.Temperature is -8f outside and humidity inside is 20% in this 2500 square foot home.Container $5Water filter here on amazon. $304 computer fans for $20.Total $180 and we have a whole house humidifier.2 hours of running this and we are at 47% humidity. I can feel the difference in every cell in my body.We have 2 $50 humidifiers and they could barely get one room to 35%. This is doing the entire house really fast.You can't see by the picture but it shoots the mist 6 feet in the air. We are very happy with this purchase.
bmo bmo
Good item. Prime shipping was the reason i bought this one.
Solid feeling. Directions were written well. More expensive than others listed but prime shipping is why i chose this one.
Mike Mike
Worked great. Just as advertised
Worked great. Just as advertised. I am using mine with a DIY fogger for a greenhouse.
Michael Loyer Michael Loyer
Michael loyer, great fogger
Amazing fogger, works great, transformer is really heavy and well made

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