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Ashley A Ashley A
Screws do not go into it like it says.
We had to buy screws and bolts to link before we bought together. They move and we have to continue to keep moving them back. The hardware we were given doesn't have a hole to go through we will have to drill a hole to complete this products usage.
Ken Ken
1 19.7 x 12.6 x 4 in
Have a funky rubber smell but work super for we’re they were put. I would buy them again.
2 Piece
Good for handicapped
I have an electric wheelchair and I needed a way to get up on my driveway because it doesn't have a standard curb these work beautifully for that
JustAnotherReviewer JustAnotherReviewer
Great Product
My driveway is on a decent sized slope with a curb that dips at the bottom. I needed something to help me get my boat up and down my driveway without scratching. This helps me clear my boat trailer by about 1” or so. I just use one for the second trailer tire as it goes up and down the driveway and it seems to do the job. It’s heavier, but still easy enough to carry it when I need to use it. I didn’t want to mount it to the bottom of my driveway.
Cesar I Ortega Cesar I Ortega
Does what it needs to do.
I only use it for a mustang. I try to avoid using truck which is heavier and could possibly damage it quicker. But it’s been a month and it’s held up fine.
jeanong jeanong
3 19.7 x 12.6 x 4 in
very helpful on our driveway
Bethany gardner Bethany gardner
3 Pieces 19.7 x 12.6 x 4 in
Shipping is difficult
These curb ramps are easy to put together and make getting in my driveway much nicer however the box they came in was very difficult to open and took a couple people to open.
Jessie Acosta Jessie Acosta
3 Pieces 19.7 x 12.6 x 4 in
Works great
Bought the 3 pack thinking it was enough. Need to buy 2 more to go from end to end.
MiaoMiao MiaoMiao
2 Piece
No more curb rash!
Did it’s job well, water flows through fine underneath and vehicles from lowered sports car to 5000lb+ truck passed through with ease.
Pennsylvania Diokno Pennsylvania Diokno
2 19.7 x 12.6 x 4 in
Wow, just wow!!!
Wow! This actually shipped and came about 5 days earlier than expected, which was awesome. This curb ramp is amazing! Not sure why in the world our subdivision and developer would create a driveway with a stupid curb/bump, which, even when driving slow, we would bottom out our cars and scrape (and this isn’t just our sedan, but SUV and Minivan)! This driveway curb ramp is amazing! It is super heavy, so I don’t anticipate it moving at all (and won’t need to use the included hardware to drill/secure it to our driveway). If you have a driveway curb/bump and cringe everytime you drive over it, this is definitely for you! Awesome seller/shipping, and amazing product with a great price!

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