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Daniel L Heller Daniel L Heller
Chicken Feeder
I like the capacity is large, but sharp edges on inside when you pour feed in. Can you notify the manufacturer please of this danger. Possible a handle on each side of feeder.
Paul in NY Paul in NY
Very good EXCEPT!
...It is more of a FORTY pound feeder.Using a 40 Lb bag of layer pellet, I can go from absolutely empty to a little spillage over the top.Maybe mash would get more in, but 50? I doubt it.Other than that, I have it mounted in the chicken barn so I can't comment on it's weather "tightness" or resistance to rust. So far, so good though.The birds and I like it.
christy avey christy avey
Works great
Works great, as described.
Kenneth Johnson Kenneth Johnson
Light weight sheet metal
Made well and can be hung on a wall. Holds a good bit of food for your chickens
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Makes feeding so much easier
I’m only upset that I didn’t order this first! I wasted time and money on the crap feeders at Tractor Supply. I can fill this up and not worry about it for a week or so feeding 10 hens! Very sturdy!
Raven Raven
Great weatherproof feeder
I got this feeder for my chickens and I love it. It was very easy to hang up on the wall. It is very lightweight and weatherproof. Keeps my birds from waiting feed or getting it all packed full of wood shavings. Would recommend this feeder!
Lindy ramsdell Lindy ramsdell
Keeps my birds in feed for 2 days
I have 19 ducks, 7 chickens, 14 guineas and 3 turkeys. This feeder keeps them with food for 2 full days. Had to put chicken wire in the bottom to keep them from scratching it all out on the ground but it works well and makes my chores easier
L. K. Harms L. K. Harms
Great Product
Wouldn't have chickens without this!
Josh Josh
Great feeder.
We have a total of 8 chickens and these feeders work great. We own two of these feeders and they have been great.They are weatherproof and sturdy. Our chickens even sit on top of them and they never fall over or have issues.They are great for the price.We will by more of these units if needed.I highly recommend.
Michelle Wightman Michelle Wightman
We have five chickens and this feeder is absolutely wonderful! It is 100% waterproof as long as you have the lid on correctly…and it is extremely durable.. however it does not come with proper sized washers so you can attach it to your coop fencing.. you will need to purchase FOUR 2” fender washers to keep it in place without issues. However that is a small price to pay for such a wonderful product!!

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