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Mike Nelson Mike Nelson
4 jaw chuck
Very good quality. Does everything I need.
Mrcnaz Mrcnaz
10" lathe Chuck
Received the chuck in a wooden miniature crate (Box), this wooden box was very well made assembled with wood screws. Immediate post shipping inspection shows the chuck was intact, no scratches or dings from shipping with a coating of light preservative machine oil.Backing plate and 3 cap head bolts to attach the plate to the chuck were also included, fitting the backing plate to the chuck did not require any machine work and was within .000135 of dia..After mounting the chuck I found that the spindle runout was less than .00001, jaws closed on a 1" drill rod was .0012 first position and .00093 second, and .00062 on third. I also found that closing and turning the stock in the jaws gave a substantially reduced runout on the 1" drill rod down to .00005 or less.As a retired machinist, I also have several "Bison chucks" and amazed that this chuck holds its own against the " more expensive grade" of chucks. All inspections and measured runout were averages of 3 chuck reposition, jaw tension, stock changes, and verification of all headstock bearing deflection before measurement of the chuck and stock runout.Chuck was purchased for my 16x40, and would highly recommend this item for purchase

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