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Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Good product
I have two that are plumbed in sequence, Water temp raised 2 degrees per day on a sunny day. Water gets so hot you can't put your hand next to the outlet when first turned on.
Deb S. Deb S.
Really works
Very easy to install, adds a few degrees to pool water.
Martin S. Martin S.
Works Well!
If you have good direct sun and can control the flow of water through the collector, this does exactly what it should. The output temperature of the collector is quite a bit higher than the pool temperature. I found nearly a 5 degree change over a week with good solid most days. Chaining a couple together would be even better. It's not a heater but it does help.
Rick C Rick C
Satisfied for small pool
I have a 10x30 1200 gallon intex above ground pool. This solar heater, along with a solar cover, helps to raise the temp a few degrees. On sunny but less hot days this can mean the difference between going in the pool and not. I’m not getting in the pool below 82 degrees. On sunny days I run this from about 11am-3pm and it makes a difference. If I had a larger backyard and bigger pool I’d get an electric heater but this is great for small pools. Works with my 1000gph pump.
Kevin Kevin
U have to supply your own heat ,no electricity
Product was awesome. Hooked into a.steam line then ran my water through. Heated like a jiffy.
Claudia T. Claudia T.
Great Product
I really love this product, definitely help me with my project. It is a great quality product and the shipping was super quick. I would definitely order again. Also, great customer service.
Juhis Juhis
Does what it's supposed to do.
This thing is heavy and It's welded nicely.The large fittings needed a bit of extra putty to seal properly.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Damaged in shipping
I ordered the 400k BTU for use as a general heat exchanger on a project I'm working on. It works well enough. It seems to have been dropped on one of its ends and the inlet was bent in but it just cosmetic. I'm not sure why they want me to rate the warmth and thickness, weird. I have it a 1 star on warmth because I cuddled up with in bed one night and honestly it felt like a cold hunk of stainless steel, no emotions no warmth at all. The thickness well I gave it a 2 because lets be honest its about 6" in diameter a skyscraper is much thicker so in the scale of things it was less thick than a skyscraper but its thicker than say an atom. I hope this review helps. Also, its a heat exchanger folks its not a HEATER with out passing a heat media it will not heat anything.

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