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Dave Massimino Dave Massimino
Owner, Sandflea Bait Co.
Nice machine,runs for hours cutting bait, don't run too many fish bones thru it though,will dull the blades quick.I actually bought a second one as a backup.
Elizabeth Fong Elizabeth Fong
Meat Cutting machine 551 works good for what I need. easy to use and fairly easy to clean. the only thing I wish is that the blades were adjustable other than that it works good.
Kevin Kevin
Good cutting machine
I bought this cutting machine a while ago and it good for the price. We use it to cut chicken more than 100 lb. and it's done the job well.
Elizabeth Elizabeth
This meat cutter works great. I wish it had adjustable blades. but the size 7mm is great for making beef jerky and to make teriyaki beef on the bbq. I love it so much I purchased another one for my other home.
sahat sahat
working great but need to add more instruction in the manual. I have to fix it out how to install and how to use the instruction provide so short.
Ahmad Ahmad
Super good machine saved a lot of time the only bad thing is hard to clean. Be super carefully using it it’s very sharp machine
Cut It Up!
Absolutely love this slicer! Its cut is accurate and perfect every time. We use it for everything. I would highly recommend this product to anyone for restaurant use, or home use. It is easy to use and clean.
josefa josefa
mucho trabajo corta perfectamente bien y es fácil usarla y rápido
Todo muy bien lo único malo es para limpiarla es donde leda a uno mucho trabajo corta muy bien y es muy rápido se ahorra mucho tiempo con la maquina
Jon Twaddle Jon Twaddle
Works Great!!
Works as advertised and very easy to clean!
Ali Rush Ali Rush
Professional kitchens this is what you need
I have been buying and returning meat slicers and cutters for many reasons. Not built for pro kitchens not washable too raw to handle but this will beat all that. I was looking for a meat slicer be it raw or cooked this will do the job so perfect I’m so relieved. I hope it won’t break and leave me stranded after this review. We are a pizza cafe and a prep person used to cut chicken cubes after we bake it and it was so tedious I used to say if he leaves who will cut it and he left and my wife went through it and I couldn’t take it any more I gave this thing a chance and now we can’t live without it. Nuff said. You have to pass it 2 3 times to get the cube cut.

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