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Sam the Man Sam the Man
Unbeatable for price
Literally the best cheapest biggest still for you buck! I have yet to find another one this size and quality for 260$!
jim jim
Well pleased
Benjamin Benjamin
Buyer beware!!
The product I received is clearly not what Vevor shows on their website. What is shown and listed online clearly has a dome shaped lid, of you look at the picture of the product I received it is clearly a flat lid, with a small bowl poorly welded in the center. But clearly not a dome shaped lid. As well as it clearly not being dome shaped it does not seal. I have reached out to Vevor, all I am getting from them is a run around. Wanted pictures, and videos, I've provided them, and they are ignoring the problem. Acting as if they do not care about the customer. Sadly I was already a Vevor customer as you can see in the video I already had one of there still set-ups, and was thinking about buying another larger one, after this experience they have lost a customer, and hopefully after you read this, and look at the pictures, and watch the video, you take caution in your purchases with this company!
VEVOR 30L 7.9Gal Water Alcohol Distiller 304 Stainless Steel Alcohol Still Wine Making Boiler Home Kit with Thermometer for Whiskey Brandy Essential, Sliver
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George B George B
Retired Instrument/Electrical Technologist
I purchased the 70 liter still because I wanted to enter the rhelm of making everything from flavored wines & wiskey all the way down to better drinking water without the harmful chemicals like flouride & chlorine. Now I am in the process of introducing another method of heating and controlling with presion temperatures to best fit results. My new PID control box will do all of the work. Enough with manually adjusting gas valves to control the temperature as liquid levels in my still decrease. The temperature probe simply replaces the thermometer. The newly added PID controller actually displays vapor temperature in real time. Setup simply requires one 50 AMP/240 VAC receptacle. My setup will require 240 VAC & 6500 watt heating element. Different size stills determine the correct size element needed. I will return with photos once completed & post. In the meantime, let me know what you think about my idea. Have a wonderful day.
70L 70L
70L still
I did my first cleaning run and so far, so good. This 70L still works flawlessly from start to finish.
Lew Lew
Good place to start
This a great little still makes good likker once you get the hang of it. I was unsure if I was going to like the hobby. So I went with this and I am happy. got about 20 run is threw it and tons of booze in my closet. Everyone I give some to days love it. My highest proof has been 150 that’s 75 % so I am supper happy I proof it down to 100 much more drinkable 150 makes my ears hot. There is a guy on YouTube his channel is barley and hops he has a few videos of set up and running this still he calls it the china still what ever it works.Shine on
No No
Decent quality for the money/missing part
Missing the pot drain on the 18.5gL pot. I wish they would tell you the size of the sanitary fitting in the description. They are all 2.5 inch sanitary clamp fittings. Also it arrived a day late, no biggie.
Shine Guy Shine Guy
Shine pot
I got this pot to replace a keg we were using. The pot works great for distilling and cooking mash. Glad I made this purchase.
Susan F Susan F
Parts were missing upon arrival however the seller agreed to send them.
Parts were missing upon arrival but the company promptly returned my email and agreed to send the missing parts. Everything else seems to be of adequate quality and the customer service is prompt and professional.
Jack Flintz Jack Flintz
Awesome for the price
Easy to assemble and use. Works as expected

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