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Marcy Marcy
Good product
Our kids/grandkids loved this. So much fun.They didn’t use the didn’t work well.
Rachel Rachel
Kids love it
We love this. It’s been in the lake for a few weeks. My boys don’t like the slide. They might be too old at 9 and 13. They use the slide as a boat. It’s not great for jumping but they love to play king of the hill on it. It doesn’t come with a pump, buts it’s the some size as the paddle board pump. We also got an anchor for it. I wanted it to stay out on the lake and move around.
Dog owner Dog owner
Summer quarantine 2021 fun!!
Summer quarantine fun!! All ages enjoyed. Great quality!
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Overall, good fun.
The slide isn't worth it. They couldn't even slide down it. But the the actual trampoline was fun for the kids. To answer one of the main questions, yes, you will need a certain adaptor to inflate this. We bought just a regular air pump for about $12 at a local retail store that you would use for air mattresses or large inflatables. It should come with the right adaptor that connects to the trampoline valve. We live on a pretty shallow lake so we used a 15# mushroom anchor and it held well. The ladder is hard for some of the littler kids to climb up. Overall, they seemed to still enjoy it. Quality seems good.
Steve Larson Steve Larson
Blue & White 13 ft
absolute fun
Good quality
Beatrice Hursh Beatrice Hursh
Does not come with a pump
It would be nice if it at least came with an attachment tool to inflate
A. dutch West A. dutch West
Green & White 10 ft
I want to buy more of this please
I like every thing about this water trampoline it very easy to setup and my kids and most of my friends and families really enjoyed it.The only one thing that I want now is to buy more of this 10ft water bounc but it looks like I can't find it here on Walmart because most of them are sold out.
Reini Grauer Reini Grauer
Green & White 10 ft
So MUCH fun!
My daughter really wanted one of these for the lake so we ended up getting it for her birthday and she has been so excited! We have only used it in the yard so far but it is exactly what we were looking for and way more affordable than other brands. It feels very sturdy and has great bounce! It holds up to 300lbs so easily holds 2 adults or a a few kids. I bounced on it with my daughter with no problems. I am excited to use this to lay on and tan on in the lake! It comes with a pump which is a nice bonus.I can not wait to get it out on the water! But it’s actually pretty fun on land too and we might get it out for parties for the kids to play on.
Paul Tjon Kon Fat Paul Tjon Kon Fat
Green & White 10 ft
So much fun!
So easy to put up! Kids stay out all day, winning!
Green & White 10 ft
Good Value
I inflated it in my backyard, I haven't had it out in the water yet. It seems to be very well built and heavy duty. I bought it to lounge on, not to jump on, but it's nice to know that if this thing is strong enough to jump on, it will be plenty strong to lounge on. I actually plan to use it as a camping platform. I also bought a shade tent, drop stitch mat, inflatable sleeping pad. It should do the trick even though the manufacturer for liability reasons will need to say, don't use it for camping. In the US, you're allowed to camp any creek or river that is navigable. Just need to stay between the ordinary high water marks. I'll either inflate the trampoline at at the canoe drop off point, or inflate when I get there. If I camp close to the access point, I wouldn't even need a canoe, I could just use a pole to get out in the water and then anchor.

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