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Can You Drink Distilled Water?

More than 85% of the water supply in the United States is hard water, bringing a lot of inconvenience to people's daily life. For example, cooking food with hard water will destroy and reduce nutritional levels. The insoluble precipitate produced by the reaction between hard water and soap leads to a poor washing effect. Drinking hard water directly affects people's health and causes problems such as stomach and bowel disorders, hair loss, etc.
Image Source: 11.07, 2015
(Only the blue areas supply soft water, the rest are the hard water distribution areas. The difference lies in the hardness of the water.)
Distilled water is a kind of clean and drinkable water, which is more needed in areas with poor water quality. Through distillation, 99.9% of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in hard water, as well as various bacteria and viruses, can be effectively removed.
What is Distilled Water?
Distilled water is formed by cooling and condensing water vapor generated after boiling tap water. The distillation process is effective for removing impurities, contaminants, and chemicals in drinking water, such as bacteria, viruses, lead, sulfate, etc.
Distilled Water vs Other Waters
Distilled water is pure water with no contaminants or mineral remaining. Compared with other waters, it is the best choice for drinking in most situations.
Purified Water:Purified water is a type of water processed by distillation and electrodialysis. It does not contain any impurity or bacterium. Most of them are sold in bottles on the market, which is costly for ordinary users. The resultant plastic waste is also not friendly to the environment.
Deionized Water:Deionized water refers to pure water after the removal of impurities in the form of ions, but there will still be soluble organic matter in it. Improper storage is prone to bacterial reproduction. It is mostly used for modern industrial production.
Spring Water:Spring water is a type of water containing sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and other minerals needed by the human body, mainly used to supplement nutrition in drinking water. However, it is also the water with the most viruses and microorganisms since it has not been treated, resulting in its unstable security. Whether the spring water is drinkable or not depends on its source water quality and the balance degree between trace elements and microbial viruses.
Boiled Water:Boiled water refers to drinking water after tap water is boiled, which can remove the contaminants in tap water to a certain extent. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), 15% of Americans, or more than 70 million Americans, are drinking tap water that has been polluted by aging drainage pipes. The situation is even worse in rural areas.
Questions about Distilled Water
Since distilled water can remove so many minerals and heavy metals, can people drink it for a long time? And is it safe enough to drink distilled water? There are many controversies about distilled water on the Internet, but most of them tend to be one-sided.
Doubtless Advantages
Lower Risk of Illness
Distilled water is more friendly to people with weak immune systems. It does not contain pesticides, bacteria and other contaminants.
Higher Purity
Distilled water greatly meets the demanding requirements of medical facilities and laboratories, so it can be commonly used in such places.
Doubtful Points
Distilled water tastes bland, reducing people's water intake, slowing down the metabolism of the human body, and even causing electrolyte solution imbalance.
(It should be noted that water is not the main way for people to obtain electrolytes.)
Since calcium, magnesium, fluoride, etc. will be filtered out along with the distillation process, insufficient intake of substances by the human body will increase the risk of heart disease, fracture, etc. In addition, long-term drinking of distilled water requires people's attention to dental hygiene to prevent tooth decay.
(It should also be noted that drinking distilled water is not the main cause of tooth decay.)
To sum up, drinking distilled water will not cause great trouble to your body.
Common Uses of Distilled Water
Distilled water has been demineralized, so it is widely used in all walks of life for various purposes. Its common uses include:
Daily Drinking
Water the Plants
Household Appliances (such as steam iron)
Automobiles (such as vehicle cooling system)
Laboratory Experiments
Medical Equipment (such as autoclaves, continuous positive airway pressure equipment for sleep apnea)
How to Obtain Distilled Water?
Making distilled water requires abundant heat energy and relatively high cost. Then, how can we enjoy sufficient distilled water?
A great way of killing two birds with one stone is starting your distilling journey with a countertop distilled water maker featuring excellent performance, complete functions and simple operation. As a retail expert in the field of tools and equipment, VEVOR provides a series of countertop water distillers to enrich your choice and aim to become your best partner for drinking water healthily. They are ideal for home use and widely applied beyond home, including but not limited to hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories and other places.
Hassle-Free Operation - For Users of All Ages and Levels
It spotlights great portability from the comfort of its compact size, and it is lightweight. The digital control panel is accessible for people of all ages. Self-made distilled water has no harmful substance residue. Thus, it has good taste and no peculiar smell. If you live in industrial areas, hospital accumulation zones or areas with a hard water supply, you should not miss this product for the sake of your family's health.
Cost-Effective and Durable - Take Both into Account
It is not so expensive, however, it has the ability to make alcohol, hydrosol, and essential oils as well, allowing you to get healthy drinking water and more additional values with a limited budget. And it is more economical and environmental-friendly than buying bottled water. The well-built 304 stainless steel barrel and borosilicate glass carafe guarantee effortless cleaning and extended service life.
Time and Temperature Adjustable - For Stable and Efficient Distillation
The distillation rate is 1 L/H (0.3 Gal/H), and 4 L (1.1 Gal) of water can be distilled in 3.5 hours. The 24-hour distilling amount reaches 6 gallons, providing enough drinking water for your family every day; the upgraded panel displays the actual temperature, setting temperature, and time. Complete functions bring you a better user experience. Giving your family healthy drinking water can't be easier. Go to now. More discounts are waiting for you!