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When you’re cooking or baking, it’s easiest to have all your ingredients close at hand. It is easy to grab items that usually come in bulky packets, such as flour and sugar, but smaller ingredients are a different story – especially spices.

Whether you need savoury or sweet spices, keeping them all together is key to finding what you’re looking for quickly. That’s why there are so many spice racks to choose from. Every kitchen is different, and so is every spice rack. Putting cinnamon, oregano, garlic powder or any of the dozens of other spices in a drawer or pantry may work for some rooms, but not for others. You can rest assured that there really is a spice rack for every home cook’s needs.

A stainless steel spice rack enhances kitchen aesthetics. It also helps you arrange kitchen appliances like spoons, and spices better. Some racks can be used to preserve meals while also keeping key ingredients within arm’s length.

Why use a stainless steel kitchen 2-Row Spice Rack?

A stainless steel spice rack can be used for a variety of purposes both within the kitchen and it can also come in handy when used for outdoor related activities. Here are some of the top uses:

Save space in the kitchen

Invest in a stainless steel spice rack to free up space on your kitchen counter. For example, the VEVOR stainless spice rack has four holders that measure 14.0″x16.5″ x10″/35.5x42x25.5 cm.

Perfect for outdoor events

You can’t rule out an outdoor event, and a four-spot stainless steel spice rack can come in handy. It has a convenient size and can be balanced on almost any surface.

Below is a list of our best picks of stainless steel  2-Row Spice Rack

1.      VEVOR Spice Rack Shelf

The VEVOR Spice Rack Shelf is a two-row stainless rack that is designed with four compartments for kitchen pantry use. The four food pans are made of durable steel that can be easily maintained, while the stainless hold measures approximately 14.0 “x16.5” x10″/35.5x42x25.5 cm in dimensions.


Features and Performance

  • Accurate desig

The VEVOR Spice Rack Shelf, since its release, has been distinctive and outstanding because of its accurate design. With four food pans made from stainless steel, the overall compartment is properly welded by rivets which help in maintaining a perfect balance to carry the weight of the food pan.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

The hollow stainless frame is detachable, it has an attractive appearance, and to clean it, all you need is a neat dry cloth to wipe the inner and outer surfaces. This will make the steel neater and keep the rack shelf in good condition for a long period.

  • Food Pans with Lid & Ladle

The food grade 304 stainless steel was adopted for the VEVOR spice rack based on hygienic concerns, while the four food pans can be used for storing spices, sauce, and seasoning. Also, the lid and ladle are fit for each pan, making the item inside each food pan safe for consumption.


  • Versatile for preserving different kinds of consumables
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Well design and detachable, making it easy to clean in and out
  • Can be used in homes, offices, and outdoor spaces


2.      ‎UTTH-DTTK Hanging Spice Rack

The ‎UTTH-DTTK hanging spice rack is designed for both bathroom and kitchen use. It is a wall-mount spice rack weighing 9.13 pounds and has a dimension of 13.8 x 4.5 x 2.2 inches.

Features and Performance

  • Quality stainless steel

The wall-mounted rack is made of quality steel, and the surface is well-protected by a coating that prevents it from rusting.

  • Space management

The ‎UTTH-DTTK is a wall-mounted rack, which means you have more access to space on the countertop to make your home clean and organized.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for arranging spices in the kitchen

3.      Vdomus Hanging Pot Rack Pot And Pan Ceiling Rack

The Vdomus hanging pot rack is made from alloy steel, and its anti-rustiness feature makes it a dependable and durable kitchen fixture.

Features and Performance

Easy installation process

You don’t need extra hands to assemble the rack. You can do it yourself because it requires minimal effort to put it together.

Multipurpose functions

It can be used for arranging pots, blenders, and other kitchen appliances .

It has the capacity to withstand pressure

The Vdomus rack can conveniently accommodate weight measuring 40 lbs. It measures 33 x 17 inches; the chain is strong and thick enough to accommodate the designated weight.


  • The rack is durable
  • The chains and the sturdy parts are easy to assemble
  • It has sufficient space to carry various kitchen items

What Should You Look for When Buying a stainless steel 2-Row Spice Rack?

If you are buying a stainless steel spice rack for the first time, here are some key details you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Your kitchen space
  • The number of spice jars you plan on arranging on the jar
  • Versatility of the spice rack
  • The number of the compartment and easy maintenance

How do I choose a 2-Row Spice Rack?

You don’t pick a rack because it looks attractive, charming, and colorful. You buy a rack based on the number of spice jars you intend to use in your kitchen.

What is the purpose of a 2-Row Spice Rack?

The kitchen arrangement plays a key role in kitchen operations. Now, racks are not exclusive to spices only. It can be used for various purposes, although this is subject to your rack style. A two-row space rack like the Vevor spice rack shelf can be used for storing spices and meal cutleries because it is a versatile seasoning shelf.  

What do you put in a 2-Row Spice Rack?

So long as what you have is a spice rack, then you can be sure that it can easily accommodate different spices. Some modern racks are built to be versatile and can contain non-spice contents. Instead of the regular jars that come with traditional spice racks, advanced racks are designed to contain fruits, liquid contents, sauces, and meals, thanks to their classified compartment and firm lid assigned to each pan.  

Different types of stainless steel 2-Row Spice Rack

Stainless steel spice racks are available in a different setups, styles, and positioning. Here are some top-notch styles you can choose from.

  • Countertop

Countertop stainless steel spice racks are designated to be positioned on a platform, and in most cases, there are usually rectangular or have a square shape. However, they don’t have a universal standard shape. Countertops are not connected to any kitchen drawer, so it’s safe to say they can be placed on a flat surface or kitchen counter to maintain a perfect fit and stability.

  • Revolving countertop organizer

It can be hung directly to make it flow from the ceiling using a think chain or placed on a flat surface through a strong baseline. A revolving countertop organizer is regarded as modern because of its unique style and setup, especially when it has multi-layers for jar placement. Each jar has a label that enables users to identify the content of each jar.

  • Tier Wall Mount  Spice Rack

Racks of this nature are usually hung directly on the wall, and it’s great for arranging spices and other kitchen items instead of stuffing them inside a cabinet or drawer.

What is the best type of jar for storing herbs and spices?

The best type of jar for spices is one that prevents them from growing bacteria and going stale. Jars with screw-on or snap-on lids are best.

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