The 5 Best Pro Press Tools For 2024- What You Should Know About Them


Pro press tools crimp or press copper fittings pipes are used to make a permanent leak-proof connection. These are the best alternatives to the more dangerous sweating and soldering processes that were previously used.

There are many benefits of using a pro press tool. The plumber and installer can profit significantly from professional press tools. Every time it is used, the tool consistently applies battery life and cycle count displays so you can check them from the comfort of your phone.

Different brands produce pro press tools. You might have a hard time deciding when you want to buy a pro press tool. But, thanks to this article, you can choose from the list of five best pro press tools.  Let’s check out the top five pro press tools in 2023.

List of Top 5 Pro Press Tools

Here, you will find a list of the best five brands of pro press tools based on end-users’ reviews. This will help you when choosing a pro press. Keep reading.

1. VEVOR Propress Kit 12V Tools Propress with 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ Clamping Jaws Propress Tool Kit 360-Degree Rotation Propress Machine for Copper


This reinforced VEVOR pro press kit tops the list for crimping the end of the tube. Its one-button design, LED display, and three different sizes of 40 CR steel press jaws make it simple to use. Our jaw expander tool includes a toolbox, a pipe cutter, and a shoulder belt. It can connect PEX pipe, copper sleeves, aluminum plastic pipe, and more.

Features And Performance Of VEVOR Propress Kit

Tight Crimping: Three typical jaw sizes in the range of 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ are available for tightly pressing crimps while working. It operates well and has outstanding craftsmanship.

360-Degree Rotating Clamp: The flexible, scissor-style propress jaw can be used in various applications due to its 360° rotation. The decreased tool size increases mobility.

LED display with a high definition: The crimping times, voltage, working temperature, and other information are displayed on the LED screen of this copper pipe crimper.

Single-Button Control: VEVOR Propress can start and reset with a single button or key press. The ergonomic handle makes it simple to operate.

● Model: 3J-12V      

● Material: Nylon, 40Cr Steel  

● Pressing Capacity: 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″    

● Product Size: 15.75″ x 3.94″ x 13.78″                                                                                            


Easy to Operate: The pistol handle is constructed with one hand operating in mind. Your operation will be more convenient with a one-key start/reset. Additionally, the lightweight characteristic saves extra labour. For ease of use and carrying, the VEVOR Propress kit includes a shoulder strap, a pipe cutter, and a toolbox.

Wide Application: The force logic press tool is a valuable instrument for crimping the end of the tube and is commonly used in various areas. It applies to piping systems for food processing equipment, drainage, gas pipeline, and natural gas pipeline systems.

Lightweight & Portable: The instrument is effortless with less weight and improved balance. A shoulder strap and a tool case are also included. The crimper is thus transportable.

2. GSFTOP Copper Tube Fittings Hydraulic Pipe Crimping Tool


Features And Performance Of GSFTOP Crimping Tool

Changeable crimping jaws: It is the quickest method for maintaining and repairing pipes since the crimping can be changed to different sizes by simply sliding in and out of the head with ball-bearing springs within.

Head rotation: The pliers’ 360° rotating head makes it feasible to install copper plumbing in numerous locations. Exceptionally accommodating for Tee fits.

More Dependable than Soldering: No soldering or brazing. The fitting may be compressed in seconds with just a few pumps. The body is composed of 40Cr, which increases strength and has an 8-ton crimping force. It is portable.

● Model: YQK-1632 Body    

● Material: 40Cr Steel  

● Pressing Capacity: 1/2-1 inch (about 1.3-2.5 cm)

● Product Size: ‎17.56 x 7.8 x 4.33 inches

● Weight: ‎10.34 pounds


● Labor Saving hydraulic design

● Value for money

● Easy to use

● Wide Application

3. iGeelee Hydraulic Copper Pipe Press Tool with 1/2,3/4,1-inch Jaw Hydraulic Pipe Crimping Tool for ProPress Copper Fitting


Features and Performance Of iGeelee Press Tool

Change the crimping jaws between sizes 1/2, 3/4, and 1″ quickly and in a matter of seconds. For pipe repair and maintenance, slide in and out the crimping dies with a ball-bearing spring within.

The fitting tool is composed of lightweight aluminium alloy. It’s a convenient two-handed operation.

Create connections without leaks; stop brazing, soldering, or flaring—quick and secure crimping; automatic locking of the pressing tongs.

The innovative pipe crimper pressing jaw design can function on “T” connections in narrow spaces. The head may always be adjusted and rotated 360 degrees.

● Model: HT-1950  

● Material: Aluminum Alloy

● Pressing Capacity: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″

● Product Size: ‎‎17.6 x 9.57 x 4.02 inches

● Weight: ‎‎4 pounds


● Simple to use

● Highly Durable

● Worth the cost

4. RIDGID 57373 Model RP 241 Compact Press Tool Kit


It would help if you had tools that are made to last and are built on the trust of the trades. The RIDGID RP 241 Compact Press Tool Kit will help you accomplish pressing tasks better (catalogue number 57373, model RP 241). This handy press kit includes a RIDGID RP 241 Press Tool, two 12-volt lithium-ion batteries, a charger, three pro press jaws, and a matched carrying case to assist with working overhead or in specific small areas.

Features And Performance Of RIDGID Press Tool Kit

Press Tool Kit: Comes complete with a RP 241 Press Tool, two 12V batteries, a charger, three pro press jaws, and a complementing case to make working high up or in small areas simple.

Ergonomically Designed: Exceptional comfort and control are provided by the low-profile design’s lightweight, balanced, and single-handed operation mechanism.

Reliable Battery Life: Forceful and persistent press with a battery life of up to an incredible 140 pushes per charge. The tool will last throughout even the most extended workdays.

Smart and Simple: Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, colour-coded light indicators, and  

● Model:57373

● Material: Steel

● Pressing Capacity: 1/2-1 inch (about 1.3-2.5 cm)

● Product Size: ‎‎18 x 12 x 6 inches

● Weight: ‎22.5 pounds


● Accommodating

● Long-lasting battery life

● Simple to use

5. iCrimp 1/2 and 3/4-inch Combo Pex Pipe Crimping Tool for Copper Ring with Gauge meets


Features And Performance Of iCrimp Crimping Tool

Well-polished jaws guarantee that the copper rings won’t be harmed, preventing leaks.

Durable steel construction ensures that a mechanical property and calibration function are linked and enable a long service life.

Short handles and little weight enhance operability in confined spaces.

The new, unique design prevents distorted rings from being worn and makes installations quick and simple.

● Model:‎IWS-1234PS

● Material: ‎Carbon Steel

● Pressing Capacity: 1/2″, 3/4″

● Product Size: ‎‎‎13.15 x 4.61 x 1.69 inches

● Weight: ‎2.64 pounds

Considering all the facts about Pro press tools, VEVOR pro press tool kit most certainly ranked number one for a reason. It possesses all the qualities of a good, long-lasting pro press tool. Also, it is suitable for both new installations and repair work, as its jaws are changeable.

Different Types Of Pro Press Tools

Pro press tools are used in various settings, sectors, and applications. Here are some samples of some other often-used pro press tool types

PEX Crimp Tool: Water pipes are increasingly made with PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), a flexible plastic, rather than the more conventional copper or Steel. Compared to copper or steel tubes, lengths of plastic are much simpler to install and join. Only specialized PEX crimping tools, like the VEVOR pro press tool kit, are needed to grasp the piping and apply the necessary pressure firmly; welding is not. Most of this equipment, typically used with steel clamps, is affordable for experts and DIY enthusiasts.

● Amp Crimp Tool: Multi-pin devices called amp connectors are frequently housed in plastic casings. Expert amp crimpers offer the special force necessary to create a solid connection with the appropriate wiring.

What You Should Consider When Buying a Pro Press Tool

● Pipe Sizes and Materials: Depending on the equipment, pressing tools can handle pipes ranging from 12″ to 4″. The pipe joining jaws on hand is just as crucial as the pressing instrument. Even though you might believe that you require a specific “copper press tool,” the jaws matter. Jaws are sometimes not interchangeable since they are frequently made to handle various pipe materials.

● Maintenance and Battery Life: Some press tools are more versatile than only press-fitting pipes. For instance, the VEVOR ProPress tool kit has tailored features for plumbers. These features include lighting for better visibility and onboard diagnostics that warn you when the battery is running low, or service is required. Smart connect functions that help you confirm connections.

● Primary Use of the Pro press tool: Whatever type of plumbing you do, it’s typically work that must be done in small areas or underground; therefore, your pressing tool must be appropriate for the task. Make care to consider a press tool’s size and design. Press tools are available on various platforms, including pivoting heads that make connections simpler to reach and finish inline grips that fit easily into small spaces and pistol grips that are simple to hold and use.

● Type of plumbing connections: The work you do—new installation versus repair or both—should be considered first. Pressing enables the new construction plumber to establish successive connections quickly. Pipe joining may be less common for the repair plumber, but pressing still provides significant time savings and other advantages. The days of joining pipes with open flames and special work licenses are long gone. You can make repairs with a plumbing press tool without entirely draining the pipe or turning off the water.

Are Pro Press Tools Worth it?

It is said that the pro press tool is used the most during the metalworking process. It is crucial in many applications, including making quick yet reliable electrical connections, correcting bullets, locking the lids on metal food cans, and many more. Additionally, it is discovered to be quite helpful in creating a solid bond between the workpiece and a non-metallic component.

Plumbers, technicians, and engineers frequently use Pro press tools to install or replace cables and wires. In fact, products like the VEVOR pro press tool can precisely fasten the wiring heads to connectors or terminals, creating a perfect electrical union. Since pro press tools can serve in many sectors, it is worth every dime spent on it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pro Press Tools

Q: Can ProPress replace the solder?

ProPress systems don’t require an open flame to be finished, unlike soldering. This saves time and makes the workplace safer by not requiring a hot work permit. ProPress fittings may be installed without draining and drying the system first, which is another benefit over soldering.

Q: What is the function of a ProPress tool?

The fitting is pressed with the ProPress tool to provide a long-lasting leak-proof connection. They are dependable, quick, and flameless.

Q: Do leaks occur with ProPress fittings?

Propress fittings typically only leak for one of three reasons: the fitting wasn’t pushed, the copper tubing wasn’t introduced correctly, or the pressing jaws weren’t aligned correctly. If the fitting has never been pressed, ensure the tubing is attached correctly before pressing.

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