Best Air Bag Floor Jack & for Lifted Trucks 2024


Lifted trucks are most suitable for any terrain. They are bigger and heavier and most probably customized for outdoor activity. As a result of that customization, you’ll need a different jack for changing tires.

Most drivers love always to carry their jack in case of an emergency, but the standard jack won’t be of much help with a lifted truck. With a greater ground clearance than standard cars, lifted trucks will call for an aftermarket floor jack to help with the raise.

Check out the Best Air Bag Floor Jack & for Lifted Trucks in 2023 in this article.

What kind of floor jack is needed for a truck?

Not all jacks are suitable for trucks. Some jacks are loved for their portability, while others are preferred for their weight-lifting capacity. However, there are other ways to classify jacks.

Some jacks are mechanical, while others operate by hydraulic mechanisms. Mechanical jacks use levers or screws to get the job done, while hydraulic jacks work using pressure.

A hydraulic lift jack, also called an airbag floor jack, is most suitable for lifting raised trucks.

What are the advantages of the airbag jack compared to the floor jack?

The advantages of whichever car jack you choose depend on the situation. However, the airbag jack for a car can be used in place of every other jack type, making it superior in almost all scenarios.

Here’s a roundup of the advantages of the airbag lift jack.

Advantages of the Air Bag Jack compared to the Floor Jack.

  • Easy to use – Airbag jacks are easier to use than floor jacks. You only need to inflate the airbag/sack, and your car will receive the intended lift. That’s unlike utilizing a floor jack, where you’ll need to work the levers to create the elevation.
  • Versatility – Floor jacks are made to be used on hard ground. What if your truck needs a tire change in the hills where the ground can’t cope with the pressure? That’s where the airbag lift jack comes in. It has proven to be the most suitable option on soft ground.
    Not only are air bag jacks preferred for soft ground, but they also are most suited for rocky or uneven terrain.
  • Fast and Convenient – You’ll need a few seconds to give your truck a lift with the airbag. On the other hand, you’ll need a few minutes to give your vehicle a convenient raise. The airbag floor jack will be most appropriate if your car doesn’t have a great ground clearance.
  • Offers a ‘Clean’ service – The airbag jack won’t leave a mark on your chassis or the contact point with your vehicle. That will give you a clean service and leave out extra unwanted costs.
  • Durability – One of the numerous factors you’ll consider when buying a floor jack is how long it will last in service. Air bag jacks will ensure more extended service even under extreme conditions like off-roading.

Moreover, the airbag lift jack has an average lifetime of 100,000 uses. That’s 50 times a day for five years.

Here’s a video to introduce you to the Pneumatic Air Bag Jack.

Pneumatic Air Jack Triple Bag Air Jack 3 Ton Car Lift Jack

The Pneumatic jack is among the best airbag jacks for cars you’ll ever come across in the market. Its immense hydraulic power and reliable labor-saving dual operations give you a great lift. The airbag floor jack boasts a heavy-duty construction for durability and security.

Here’s a roundup of the Pneumatic Air Jack Triple Bag Air Jack features.

  • Heavy-duty Steel – The Pneumatic Triple Air Bag Floor Jack comes with a sturdy steel construction that will ensure the security and reliability of the operation. The steel parts will also last longer, giving you more service.
    The airbag is also made from tough fabric to supplement the steel construction and will most probably resist scratches and intense weight/pressure. The wheels on the airbag jack are all-weather and will help you with maintenance under whichever terrain.
  • Diverse Application – The airbag lift jack can conveniently lift family cars, SUVs, Minivans, trucks and off-road vehicles. Moreover, unlike other jack types, you can use the airbag floor jack under any terrain conditions.
  • Labor-Saving Design – Taking only 5 seconds to perform a lift, the 3-ton airbag lift jack saves hugely on time and labor during service. When working under normal conditions, the airbag jack presents the fastest way to lift your truck with minimal labor.
  • Operable Handle – The triple airbag lift jack has a long handle that enables easy movement and placement. Additionally, the airbag lift’s long handle won’t occupy much space in the trunk. You can disassemble it from the middle to assume a smaller storage-friendly form.
  • Secure Operation – You need to keep the green valve open and the red one closed while introducing the compressed air into the system. Once done with it, open the red valve to bleed out the air in the airbag.

There’s a middle valve that ensures you don’t input excess pressure, fostering a completely secure operation.

Pros of the Pneumatic Air Jack Triple Bag Air Jack 3 Ton Car Lift Jack. (Reasons to Buy)

  • Sturdy and robust construction.
  • The air bag car lift jack is compatible with any working conditions.
  • Less labor-intensive.
  • It can be compressed for easy storage.
  • An operable handle helps with the safe placement of the lift jack placement under the chassis.
  • Versatility. The airbag lift jack can be used with many cars and mechanical machinery.

How we Choose the Best Floor Jacks for Trucks

Choosing the perfect floor jacks for trucks doesn’t only depend on the weight capacity. We look into the complete process of lifting your truck as well as the security and reliability of the operation before making final decisions.

We first research the internet for the most reliable floor lift jacks under a specific weight category and create a good list and the requirements we expect each to have. Our researchers eliminate those that don’t check every box.

The last thing we ensure is that the weight capacity of the jack is in check. If, for example, you need a pneumatic airbag truck lift jack to lift a 3-ton truck, you should get one with a higher load capacity to prevent possible failures.

However, it would be great if you did not go overboard with the weight capacity, as floor jacks with extremely high load capacities are mostly clunky and heavy to carry.

List of 3 Best Floor Jacks for Trucks

Here are the best floor jacks you can use on your raised truck. We have certified that they are reliable and safe for use under any condition.

1. VEVOR Bag Air Jack with 11,000 lbs lifting capacity – This pneumatic floor jack ensures fast and safe lifting from its triple airbag design. It also has an adjustable handle and all-terrain wheels to help with placement and movement during operation.

2 . VEVOR Pneumatic Jack with 6,600 lbs load capacity – With a 6,600 lifting capacity, the pneumatic jack operates quickly and reliably, giving you the desired lift in seconds! It is the best 3-ton car jack in the market and a sturdy option for your light or middle-weight truck.

3. VEVOR Pneumatic Jack with Triple AirBag and 11,023 lbs capacity – The 5-ton airbag jack is the best you can use on a 5-ton truck or one with a lower weight. It is secure and snappy and will help you lift your truck in any terrain. Moreover, the jack occupies little trunk space, so you’ll always carry it anywhere.

These are the best airbag pneumatic truck jacks in the market. All are characterized by solid construction and labor/time-saving operability. Another reason you should try any of the three is that they have versatile applications across all terrain.

Check them out and more here Floor Jacks collection.

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR has been a leading choice when it comes to equipment and tools. VEVOR’s dedication towards providing DIY’ers with reliable equipment is unmatched, and their products are passed through rigorous testing for durability before being listed for sale.

VEVOR has an excellent customer care team that guides you through everything to ensure you meet your expectations. Their goal is to avail affordable tools and equipment to their customers.

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