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Pipe Wrench

VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²) VEVOR Hydraulic Wire Crimper (240mm²)
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Pipe Wrench

Propress Tools

For the fitting, the VEVOR Propress tool is the best. The fitting is pressed with this tool to provide a long-lasting leak-proof connection. These tools are the perfect substitutes for the more hazardous traditional sweating and soldering processes. These tools are also advantageous for repairing tubes and pipes.
Types of Propress Tools
There are two main types of Propress Tools.
I. Electric Propress Tools
1. Electric Propress Tools with 18V Battery
The electric cleanliness kit runs efficiently and firmly. Fast crimping is made possible by the reliable hydraulic system and the powerful 18V lithium battery, with capacities of 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1 -1/2", and 2". It can increase productivity and make your job more convenient.
2. Electric Propress Tools with 12V Battery
The electric cleanliness kit operates smoothly and precisely. Fast crimping is made possible by the powerful 12V lithium battery and a robust hydraulic system with capacities of 1/2", 3/4", and 1". It has a wide, distinctive OLED display.
II. Manual Propress Tools
1. Hydraulic Hose Crimper
Our crimper is the construction of an aluminum alloy, which ensures its durability. A stamper's hardness can increase to 53 HRC to endure severe stress. Along with reduced barriers #8, #10, and #12 (13/32", 1/2  ", and 5/8"), there are seven dies in the following sizes: 5/16", 13/32", 1/2", and 5/8".
2. AC Hose Crimper
It is simple to use this split hydraulic press A/C hose crimper. The hydraulic tool has been meticulously constructed, with features like a pressure relief valve and an oil cylinder that won't leak.
3. Pipe Chain Wrench
We provide a 24-inch pipe wrench that can be beneficial to faster or remove massive metal piping activities. It is lightweight and transportable. It has unique chain construction for easy work in a confined space. It is durable and abrasion-resistant since it is composed of premium carbon steel.
4. Hand Swager Crimper
There are various ways to complete the crimping process. Just press the wire or rope into the hole. The gadget is portable and has a length of 30 inches. Even in a small space, you can use it. Our swage tool comes with the ten hexagons crimping die sets with diameters 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, and 240 mm2. Each crimping results in a clean, tight compression.
5 . Straight Pipe Wrench
The adjustable snap-on jaw of this cast steel pipe wrench provides the most grip surface. 85 mm/3.4 inch is the largest opening. For better holding, it has full floating forged hook jaws. Pipes are carefully held in place by the fine machine teeth.
6. Hydraulic Pipe Crimper
The 40CR steel used in the hydraulic pipe crimper's construction has been punched, forged, and powder-coated. It is a hydraulic pipe crimping instrument that is separable from the hydraulic pump by hand.
7. Compact Press Jaw Set
The VEVOR steel progress jaw is the best option for crimping the tubing's end. It interfaces cleanly and crimps securely. Press jaws come in three sizes and are simple to install. Our pipe press tool includes a storage bag, a pipe cutter, a deburring tool, and six bending springs.
VEVOR Compact Propress Tool, Specifications
Size: 5.9"x3.9"x1.57"
Model: 48558
Material: 40cr steel
Key Features and Functionality of Propress Tool
Hydraulic Mechanism
The hydraulic pipe crimper is made of 40CR steel and powder-coated after a punching and forging operation. It is a conventional manual hydraulic pump with a built-in hydraulic pipe crimping tool.
Excellent Alloy Steel Material
A few tools have high-quality alloy steel construction that has undergone heat treatment. These tools are tough and have better force transmit . High hardness and exceptional abrasion resistance in a cutting blade can provide an outstanding experience.
Adaptive Design
Thickened and insulated Handles provide a comfortable and safe user experience. A few crimping tools have an oil return valve, and these will automatically release pressure when it reaches the maximum pressure.
Changeable Dies
Just slide in and out to switch between crimping dies of various diameters thanks to ball-bearing springs inside the head. This hydraulic copper tube fittings crimper quickly satisfies your diverse pipe maintenance and repair needs.

Flexible Jaw & Tooth Chain
You may use the handles of a few tools securely and pleasantly because of their anti-insulation, slip design, and thickness. It is for long-term use, and the extended handle design reduces labor requirements.
Main Uses of Propress Tool
The propress tool reduces the need for training and skill development, speeds up and improves the effectiveness of repairs and maintenance, lowers the cost of physical labor, and improves work precision. It works well for clamping joints, fittings, and sleeves. It is a tool that helps the mechanical industry and other maintenance-related areas save labor.
How Do You Buy The Best Propress Tool?
While looking for the ideal Propress Tool for your needs, you may have heard of hydraulic, pneumatic, or similar presses. So, if you want one of the top Propress Tools, there are some specific features you can examine. You may first think about the variant of it. Yes, it is crucial to consider the type of the Propress Tool. It comes in a variety of forms, including blanking tools, piercing tools, shaving tools, forming tools, and combination tools. Everything depends on your needs and the operation you intend to carry out. The best tools, however, are VEVOR Propress Tools because these meet all of your needs, no matter what they are.

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