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Magnetic Tumbler Polisher

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VEVOR Magnetic Tumblers Revolutionizing Surface Finishings in Workshops

Pursuing impeccable finishes is a great deal in modern workshops and manufacturing. The demand for precision and aesthetic appeal has driven the industry to explore innovative solutions. The metalwork industry has many limitations, making the traditional means of achieving smooth surfaces time-consuming and tedious.

Therefore, introducing magnetic tumblers represents a massive shift in this dynamic. These magnetic tumblers by VEVOR leverage the power of magnetic force to streamline and enhance the efficiency of the finishing process, offering a host of benefits that resonate with both seasoned artisans and industrial manufacturers.

Who Uses Magnetic Tumblers?

Magnetic tumblers are applicable across various industries, making them useful for professionals and hobbyists. Wherever you see a precise and uniform surface finish, you can see a magnetic tumbler. Here are some people who use the machine.

Jewelry Manufacturers and Artisans

Jewelry makers and artists use magnetic tumblers to polish and finish metal pieces like rings, bracelets, and earrings. These machines are essential because they can reach small spaces and corners, ensuring that delicate jewelry pieces have a smooth and high-quality finish. The tumblers use magnets to move tiny steel pins, which polish the metal without removing much material. This process is crucial for creating detailed and flawless jewelry pieces

Dental Laboratory Professionals

Dental labs use magnetic tumblers to polish and finish dental parts like crowns, bridges, and dentures. This makes the components smooth and precise, ensuring they are comfortable for patients. The tumblers use magnets to move tiny steel pins, which polish the parts without removing much material. This process is vital for creating high-quality dental products

Firearm Manufacturers

Firearm parts like triggers, barrels, and slides are often given unique surface finishes to make them stronger and work better. One way to do this is by using magnetic tumblers. These finishes are essential because they protect the parts from damage and make sure they last a long time, even with a lot of use and exposure to different conditions like corrosion and the weather. This process is crucial for making high-quality firearms

Other people using magnetic tumblers include metalworkers, metal art sculptors, medical equipment manufacturers, automotive and aerospace manufacturing technicians, etc.

Essential Accessories For Magnetic Tumblers

Magnetic tumblers are robust tools that get much done in metalworks. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many accessories enhance its performance and make it more versatile. Here, we will discuss some accessories and what they do in magnetic tumbling.

Stainless Steel Shot

Stainless steel shot is the primary material used in the tumbler. It comes in different shapes and sizes, allowing people to choose the best combination for their specific polishing needs. Using a stainless steel shot helps create a consistent and even surface finish on metal objects.

Tumbler Compound or Burnishing Solution

When you put stainless steel shot in a tumbler to polish metal, you also add special liquids called tumbler compounds or burnishing solutions. These liquids help make the metal shiny by removing dirt and improving its surface. The type of liquid used depends on the type of metal you are polishing.

Rubber Barrel Liner

A  rubber lining inside the tumbler barrel helps reduce noise and impact during the polishing process. It also protects the tumbler's inside, reducing wear and tear and making the machine last longer.

Mesh Strainer

A mesh strainer separates the stainless steel shot from the polished metal pieces after the polishing process. This makes it easier to find small parts and reduces the loss of shot during the cleaning process.


Advanced Magnetic Tumbling Techniques

Magnetic tumbling techniques are developing. Other than the basic operations, magnetic tumbling innovators have also discovered strategic approaches that can lead to a better finish and make the work more appealing. Here are some techniques in advanced magnetic tumbling.

Multi-Stage Tumbling

A multi-stage tumbling process involves using different materials and compounds in a specific order to get different levels of surface smoothness. For example, start with rough materials to remove big bumps, then use finer materials to polish, and finish with a special compound to get a shiny surface.

Selective Polishing with Magnetic Pins

Magnetic pins are small and magnetized. You can place them on or near specific areas of an object to polish those areas very precisely. This method works well for intricate pieces that need careful polishing. The magnetic pins make the polishing process more controlled and exact.

Use of Ceramic Media

Although stainless steel is the most popular media for magnetic tumbling, advanced tumbling techniques have enabled people to introduce ceramic media. As ceramic is suitable for unique surface texture and finishes, its abrasiveness makes it an excellent material for magnetic tumbling.

Why Choose VEVOR?

There are many reasons you should choose a magnetic tumbling machine from VEVOR. Among them, our customer-centric approach stands out the most. Prioritizing our customers, VEVOR has systems to ensure that your purchase process is smooth with adequate after-purchase support.

We have a range of products to serve our diverse customer portfolio. These products are accessible as VEVOR has a global presence in more than 200 countries. We also have an online store that enables you to get your magnetic tumbler delivered to you. Similarly, our magnetic tumblers are on other online stores like Amazon.

VEVOR prioritizes customers’ feedback, and we continually improve our products based on user’s experiences and requirements. As such, we can have an affordable, high-quality product.

FAQs About Magnetic Tumblers

Can I use a magnetic tumbler for non-metallic materials?

The primary purpose of magnetic tumblers is to work on metals. The involvement of the magnetic properties helps optimize its effectiveness when using it for metals. Therefore, it may not be ideal for non-metallic materials, including plastic and ceramic. You should consider alternative tumbling methods for them instead.

How long does it take to finish a polishing cycle with a magnetic tumbler?

The polishing duration for a magnetic tumbler depends on the level of deburring you need, the metal type, and the desired finish. The duration can range from thirty minutes to several hours. Fortunately, advanced magnetic tumbler models have programmable timers that can help control the duration of the tumbling process.

What sizes of objects can I use a magnetic tumbler for?

Magnetic tumblers come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, they can work on different object sizes, whether small or big. There are also adjustable magnetic tumblers for which you can change the tumbler and media sizes to fit other objects.

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