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Lathe Chuck

3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm 3 Jaw 8'' K11-200 Lathe Chuck Self Centering Reversible Hardened Steel 200mm
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Explore VEVOR’s Versatile Collection of Lathe Chucks 

When it comes to precision in metalworking—or woodworking—few tools are as essential as lathe chucks. They serve as the backbone of precision metalworking by providing accuracy and efficiency while shaping your workpieces. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are best for metals, and others are excellent for wood.

At VEVOR, we proudly offer a diverse range of affordable lathe chucks that our customers have been using—and loving. From self-centering 3-jaw chucks to 4-jaw chucks, we have it all in different sizes and suited for different workpieces.

What is Lathe Chuck and How Does It Work?

A lathe chuck, also called chuck on a lathe, is a device used in machining—metalworking and woodworking—to hold and secure materials like metal or wood. Think of it as a strong and dependable hand that grips and rotates the material that needs to be held firmly. This allows the workpiece to be shaped precisely as the cutting or other shaping tool works on it.

How lathe chucks work is straightforward. They have jaws, like the fingers of a hand, which can be adjusted to grip the workpiece firmly. Once it is held securely, the lathe spins it, allowing the cutting tool to shape it smoothly and with precision. It’s like a craftsman’s helping hand, ensuring accuracy in every rotation.

Different Types of Lathe Chucks

Lathe chucks come in various types, and each type of lathe chuck offers distinct features and advantages that make them suitable for specific machining tasks. From magnetic to hydraulic chucks, we will explore the options available to secure the holding of workpieces in place.

Magnetic Lathe Chucks

Magnetic chucks are commonly used when working with ferrous materials and employ strong magnets to securely hold workpieces in place. Their stability and easy setup make them perfect for various machining applications.

Four Jaw Lathe Chucks

For precise centering and gripping of irregularly shaped workpieces, 4-jaw independent search chucks provide a versatile option. Each jaw can be adjusted individually, providing flexibility when securely holding various shapes and sizes.

Here are a few popular 4-jaw chucks we offer at VEVOR:

 VEVOR K72-125 Metal Lathe Chuck 

 VEVOR 2.75-Inch Wood Lathe Chuck

 3.75” Woodturning Chuck

Three Jaw Universal Chuck

Three jaw universal chucks are highly sought-after due to their self-centering capability. Quickly set up and secure cylindrical workpieces, three jaw universal chucks are often employed when high precision is required.

Here are a few examples of 3-jaw self-centering chucks that we offer:

 VEVOR 10-Inch 3-Jaw Self-Centering Chuck

 VEVOR 8-Inch 3-Jaw Self-Centering Chuck

 VEVOR 6” 3-Jaw Lathe Chuck for Wood

Drill Chucks

Drill lathe chucks are designed specifically to secure drill bits. Their special construction allows for fast and effortless tool changes, making them a convenient addition for drilling and milling operations. At VEVOR, many of our chucks are used for drilling and milling, especially this 5” 3-Jaw Lathe Drill Chuck.

Collet Chuck

Collet lathe chucks are specialized chucks for holding small-diameter workpieces like rods or shafts. They use collets, which are cylindrical sleeves that grip the workpiece uniformly, ensuring excellent concentricity.

Hydraulic Chuck

Hydraulic chucks utilize hydraulic pressure to tighten and release workpieces. Offering both exceptional clamping force and accuracy, hydraulic lathe chucks are perfect for heavy-duty machining applications where stability is of the utmost importance.

Applications of Lathe Chucks in Different Industries

Lathe chucks are versatile tools that can be used in various industries, from electronics to automotive and medical. The type of lathe chuck used will depend on the specific application and the type of workpiece being machined.

Below, we have listed a few industries where the use of lathe chucks is not only popular but necessary.


Lathe chucks are frequently employed in metalworking to secure metal workpieces while being machined. Four-jaw independent chucks are versatile tools designed to secure irregularly shaped workpieces securely. On the other hand, three-jaw universal chucks are especially favored due to their quick setup process and capacity to self-center quickly when handling cylindrical objects.

As mentioned earlier, hydraulic chucks offer superior clamping force and accuracy, making them suitable for heavy-duty machining applications where stability is essential.


Lathe chucks are also used in woodworking to hold and rotate woodworkpieces as they are being readied. 4-jaw independent chucks are adaptable and suitable for holding irregularly shaped workpieces securely, while lever action 4-jaw chucks offer easy and precise adjustments. Both options are popular among woodworkers.

Collet chucks are designed to securely hold small workpieces like rods or shafts and are frequently employed in woodworking. VEVOR offers an assortment of high-quality lathe chucks for woodturning, some of which we mentioned above.


The utility of lathe chucks is not limited only to metalworking and woodworking but also other industries, such as electronics.

Combination search chucks offer electronics manufacturers an effective solution. They combine the features of three-jaw and four-jaw chucks to provide self-centering and independent jaw movement to accommodate more complex workpiece geometries.

How to Choose the Right Lathe Chuck?

When selecting the appropriate lathe chuck for your machining needs, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

We will break it down step-by-step.

Material Compatibility

First of all, take some time to consider the materials you will be working with. Different chucks have better performance on certain materials. For instance, when dealing with metal, using a standard three-jaw chuck might work best, while for soft materials such as wood, a four-jaw might provide greater support.

Precision Requirements

Precise measurements are crucial in industries like aerospace and medical equipment manufacturing. To meet precision requirements, look for chucks with fine adjustments and self-centering features, such as this 2.75-inch Precision Self-Centering Keyed Lathe Chuck. 

Ease of Use

Consider how easy the chuck is to set up and operate. Some designs offer quick tool changes for fast use if you find yourself frequently switching workpieces or tools.

Choose Your Chuck Type

There are various chuck types to consider, some of which we have mentioned in the lines above. Each lathe chuck type offers unique advantages for specific tasks. When making your decision, take note of what best matches up with what your tasks entail. Also, take into account the size of the workpieces you usually work with.


Just like any tool, chucks come with different price tags. While your budget might dictate where you should invest your dollars, remember that investing more in quality chucks may pay dividends in terms of performance and longevity. Talking about budget, at VEVOR, we are proud to offer tough tools at half-price!

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR is your trusted source for a wide selection of high-quality lathe chucks, all available at affordable prices. Our range includes self-centering, independent, and 4-jaw chucks, offering versatile solutions for various machining tasks. Crafted from premium materials like cast iron and hardened steel, our chucks are built to last, with exceptional durability and a lengthy service life.

Our lathe chucks are a budget-friendly choice for those who prioritize affordability but won’t compromise on quality. Despite our cost-effective pricing, our chucks deliver exceptional clamping force and precision—ideal for heavy-duty machining tasks where stability is paramount.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, which is why our dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock to assist and ensure your complete satisfaction with both our products and services. Lastly, we provide a convenient free home delivery service so your orders will reach you swiftly.

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