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Curtain Strips

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Best VEVOR Curtain Strips for Space Optimization

Strip curtains are efficient for space optimization, temperature regulation, and pest control. Whether you use them as door curtains or space dividers, their functionality is remarkable. You can transform your living or working space with VEVOR's top-quality strip curtains.

VEVOR offers a variety of strip curtains to use in offices, homes, factories, warehouses, etc. They are available in different sizes with adequate thickness and width for seal effect. Want to know how you can best use striped curtains? Stay with us!

Curtain Strips Options at VEVOR

There are multiple curtain strip types, each offering diverse applications. At VEVOR, we believe in providing application-specific products to customers. Find the best product that matches your requirements: 

PVC Door Curtains

These strip curtains are designed for temperature-controlled commercial spaces. They provide an effective barrier against heat, cold, and contaminants. Made using waterproof and anti-static PVC material, these striped curtains are best for indoor and outdoor use. 


  • High-temperature resistance -5℃ to 50℃.

  • Durable and long-lasting PVC material.

  • Easy to install and long-lasting.


  • Higher initial costs with installation.

  • Limited sound resistance.

PVC Freezer Striped Curtains

Freezer striped curtains are thick with a higher overlap area for effective temperature control. These are used for cold storage, freezer compartments, factories, and warehouses. They work by stopping heat transfer. 


  • Effective temperature regulation and enhanced energy efficiency.

  • Highly resistant to wear and tear. 

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.


  • Room darkening and low visibility due to frost accumulation.

  • Require regular cleaning. 

Transparent Panel Curtains

Transparent strip curtains are ideal for use in shopping centers having glass doors, departmental stores, and offices where visibility is essential. They offer effective weather resistance while maintaining the room environment. These are also customizable to fit specific requirements. 


  • Clear visibility and light passage. 

  • Enhanced resistance to dust, pests, and noise. 

  • Come at highly affordable prices. 


  • Require more frequent cleaning.

  • Prone to wear and tear. 

How to Select the Best Striped Curtains?

Here’s what you should know before buying strip curtains for any application. Consider these factors to make your purchase the best buy:

Sizing and Grading in Curtain Strips

You must measure the height and width of the door panel or opening where you want to install striped curtains. Don't go for a perfect fit; add some extra inches. The PVC strips are available in three grades, polar for freezers, bronze or green for welding, and transparent for all other applications. Choose per your requirements.

Thickness and Width of Door Strip

The thickness and width depend on the application and traffic flow. The recommended thickness for light pedestrian traffic flow without vehicle access is 2mm. For welding rooms and other similar applications, it should be 3-4mm. If you’re installing strip curtains in factories with higher traffic and vehicle access, the thickness should be 8-10mm.

Overlapping and Fitting Considerations 

Most buyers overlook the overlapping and fitting requirements. These both have a significant impact on the efficiency of strip curtains. For outdoor use, the overlapping must be 100% to ensure an effective barrier, and for indoor use, the overlap can be 50% or less, depending on the application. Moreover, you should seek professional advice for fitting. The most suitable options are hook fitting and twin track fixing. 

Choosing PVC Material or Any Other

Strip curtains are usually made using PVC material due to their durability and resistance to temperature. The material properties perfectly align with the applications of strip curtains. Therefore, choosing PVC material is a good decision. You can get temperature regulation within the -20 to 150 degrees range. Plus, the material can withstand wear and tear without losing its functionality. 

Curtain Strips Installation

Always choose strip curtains that are easy to install and come with pre-punched holes, hanging systems, or mounting hardware for hassle-free installation. Also, ensure the product comes with a comprehensive installation guide and that the installation doesn't require a specialized tool. All these considerations will help you save time and installation costs.

Striped Curtains Maintenance for Longevity and Efficient Use

Although strip curtains are maintenance-free, here are some tips to enhance their longevity and durability.  

  • When using strip curtains for door weatherstripping, clean them time-to-time. It enhances their functionality and reduces wear and tear.

  • If only one door strip is ruptured, you should get it changed in time. The flexibility in fitting allows changing single strips. 

  • Don't use harsh detergents for cleaning; a mild detergent with a soft cloth will work well. The strips will always stay as new. 

  • UV radiations cause degradation and yellowing. Consider using UV-resistant strips if the striped curtains are under prolonged sun exposure. 

Best VEVOR Deals on Curtain Strips, Buy Now!

VEVOR is a leading manufacturer of strip curtains, offering a range of top-quality products at competitive market rates. End your quest and get the best deal on high-end strip curtains now!

VEVOR Curtain Strips 164 Feet Length X 7.8 Inches Width Vinyl Door Strips Roll

Get the customizable PVC door strip roll without worrying about measurements. You can create strip curtains for any space or opening and set overlapping according to your needs. The VEVOR curtain strip roll is durable and made using the best quality PVC material. 

VEVOR Plastic Curtain, 4ft Width x 8ft Height Plastic Strip Curtain

This VEVOR plastic curtain ensures proper heat insulation and wind resistance to maintain the indoor climate. It has a 50% overlap area to stop heat transfer effectively. This product is ideal for factories, warehouses, offices, etc. 

VEVOR 9PCS Vinyl Strip Door Curtain, 36Inch (3ft) Width X 78Inch (6.5ft) Height PVC Strip Door Curtain

Want a transparent strip door? This one is the perfect product for you. It offers crystal clear visibility suited for use in shopping centers and offices. The product comes with a complete installation kit and is easy to install. This one is hot selling; get your hands on it now!

VEVOR Plastic Curtain, 3ft Width x 7ft Height Plastic Strip Curtain, Clear PVC Freezer Curtain

Are you looking for a strip curtain for freezers and cold storage? This one is highly recommended for use in restaurants and warehouses. It effectively controls temperature and minimizes airflow to keep it cool. Made using durable PVC material, it can withstand higher traffic flow and rough use. 

VEVOR 12PCS Plastic Curtain Strips, 48Inch (4ft) Width X 84Inch (7ft) Height PVC Strip Door Curtain

These VEVOR plastic strip curtains are designed for wide openings. The door strips are high-efficiency and made using PVC material for indoor and outdoor use. The strips come with an installation kit and can provide 50% overlap. Their functionality and efficiency are both excellent. 

Why choose VEVOR?

VEVOR is a market leader providing its customers with a wide range of top-quality products. You get the best deals and after-sales customer care at VEVOR. 

  1. VEVOR has the best strip curtains priced at market competitive rates.

  2. VEVOR provides installation kits with guides for installing strip door curtains.

  3. VEVOR products are top-quality and made to last long. 

Explore more products from VEVOR in this category. We have door accessories and material handling equipment at the best prices. At VEVOR, we value customers; get tough tools at half-price!

FAQs about Curtain Strips

Q1: How to install VEVOR strip curtains?

VEVOR provides you with the installation kit and installation guide. Use the guide to install striped curtains. 

Q2: Is strip length customizable? 

If you buy strip rolls, you can customize the length per your requirements. The products with size specifications are not customizable. 

Q3: Are strip curtains used outdoors? 

You can use strip curtains indoors and outdoors according to your needs. They are made using highly durable PVC material.

Q4: What’s the best rated curtain strip from VEVOR?

VEVOR Plastic Curtain, 3ft Width x 7ft Height Plastic Strip Curtain is one of the best-rated product that you can try out from VEVOR. 

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