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Air Impact Wrench

VEVOR Air Impact Wrench 1/2" Square Drive 1400ft-lb Nut-busting Torque 90-120PSI (57)
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1:58 Torque Multiplier Set Wrench Lug Nut Labor Saving Lugnuts 4 Sockets w/ Case (28)
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VEVOR Air Impact Wrench 3/4" Square Drive 1870ft-lb Nut-busting Torque 90-120PSI (57)
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Discover VEVOR’s Finest Air Impact Wrench

Electrical power is used to power electric impact wrenches. On the other hand, impact drivers are different and utilize rotational force to drive nuts and bolts. Torque ratings indicate the force a particular tool can deliver.

Cordless impact wrenches impact sockets using batteries and are compatible with high torque ratings. These cordless impact wrenches also ensure safety and longevity and increase maneuverability. These plus points make them great for industrial and automotive settings.

Available Types of an Impact Wrench 

There is a wide range in the market of different impact drivers. It can be overwhelming to choose without having information about various types. Here are a few categories for you to read about。

Mini Air Impact Wrench for Tight Spaces

This air wrench is typically designed to be used in tight spaces where you can not work with larger wrenches. Their light weight makes them stand out, yet they still can provide high torque for tightening or loosening fasteners. 


Compact size

Variable speed triggers

Lightweight design


Not easily available

Pneumatic Air Impact Wrench

These power tools work great with the nuts and bolts using an air compressor and creating an incredibly high torque. Usually, they also feature variable speed triggers, giving users more control. Repeated short bursts of torque increase the speed of fastener removal or installation.


Compact design

Easy tightening and loosening 

Robust and durable

Suick operation


Generates vibration and noise

Cordless Electric Impact Wrench

The batteries power these impact drivers and offer you convenience and mobility. An electric motor is used in it. This type of air wrench can also offer desired control over the impact force. 


Less noise production


Convenient in loosening fasteners

Quick due to short bursts



What to Consider When Getting an Impact Gun

When you buy an air impact wrench, you have to see many things which can be hard to remember. We have brought to you a few things that you must keep in mind when choosing from a wide range of products.

Power Source

An air impact gun depends on the different power types. You have to see which type is preferred by you. Some require an air compressor power cord, some are cordless, and some are battery-powered. You must see which power sources are available in your work environment.

Weight and Size

An air wrench is used according to its size and weight. Not all sizes are compatible with every kind of work. The usability is very much dependent on this aspect. You must see what kind of work you will engage in and which weight and size are required.

Build Quality

Heavy-duty power tools for tightening and loosening lug nuts and other bolts must be durable and sturdy. Consider how much and in what conditions you will need to use it. This means you must see which materials and construction quality suits you best.

Tips for Maintaining Wrenches & Ratchets and Their Main Functions

Air Tools & Compressors precisely loosen and tighten the nuts and bolts using air pressure measured in foot-pounds. Higher foot-pounds mean higher torque. They create enough torque and provide quick disassembly and assembly of different components in industries such as the automotive industry.

Regular lubrication is essential for the maintenance of Wrenches & Ratchets. Air supply maintenance is also just as crucial for sustained performance. Necessary part or component replacement is also required to maintain these tools.

Top-tier Air Wrenches Available at VEVOR

VEVOR, a brand specialized in tools and equipment, brings you many reliable and top-quality choices. Look at the few options we have mentioned below.

VEVOR 1 Inch Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench

This 1-inch impact wrench provides adjustable speed and direction. Aluminum alloy is used to build this, which has provided durability to it. This item has a firm D-shape handle and is best suited for general work.

VEVOR Coil Siding Nailer CN70, 1-3/4-inch to 2-3/4-inch

nailer-1-3-4-to-2-3-4-15-degree-pneumatic-coil-roofing-siding-nailer-p_010425471497">Pistolas para siding helps you in various projects. This gun ensures that the fastening is long-lasting and has a wide application. The coil loading system and the ergonomic design make it user-friendly as well.

VEVOR 1:78 Torque Multiplier Wrench 7500 NM Lug Nut Wrench Set 

Get this torque multiplier lug nut wrench for efficient work. Built with alloy steel, it provides durability, and with its compact size, it is super convenient to use as a portable tool. Four impact sockets are present, providing the highest and safest torque.

VEVOR 1 Inch Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench 

This air gun for lug nuts can efficiently perform most heavy-duty tasks. The exceptional efficiency and performance are due to high-quality construction and ergonomic design. An air exhaust design also keeps air away from the work area.

Why go for VEVOR to Buy These Tools?

VEVOR is a leading brand and has customers everywhere. This brand is known for its high-quality products, which users review positively. Here are a few main points explaining why you should choose VEVOR

Reliable Quality 

VEVOR, as a leading company, provides excellent quality products to its customers. For those looking for high-quality air wrenches or impact wrenches, VEVOR is the go-to place, as it specializes in equipment like this.

Fast and Secure Delivery 

The products delivered are sensitively dealt with, keeping you from the stress of receiving broken or incomplete items. The fast delivery saves you time, and you do not have to wait for a lot of time.

Customer Support

Spare part availability and technical assistance for VEVOR's customers ensure they have good customer support. With its responsive, follow-up, and knowledgeable staff, VEVOR can be considered to have reliable customer support.

FAQs about Air Impact Wrench

Q1. Which is the most popular air wrench at VEVOR?

A1. VEVOR 1:58 Torque Multiplier Set Wrench is the most popular choice at VEVOR. It has a storage case, an anti-slip handle, and durable construction. 

Q2. What is the pressure for an air wrench?

A2. Air tools usually perform well at 90 PSI air pressure. Performance suffers greatly when a tool does not get all the air it needs. If it drops to 70 PSI, your tool will lose almost 30% of the power.

Q3. What are the benefits of a wrench?

A3. Wrench is an easy-to-use tool and helps you cover up your work quickly and effectively. It gives you a solid grip to fasten or loosen the nuts and bolts.

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