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VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork

VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork

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625 mm

  • 625 mm
  • 650 mm

About this item

  • Cut into Good Times: Are you tired of big pieces of wood getting the best of you? Well, get ready for clean seamless cuts every time. Equipped with a powerful 15 Amp motor, the woodworking table saw cuts through various sizes of wood with ease at high speed of 4500 RPM. Its 40-tooth blade dramatically improves cutting efficiency.
  • Cut at Various Angles: With the help of an adjustable, full-length, parallel fence with a measuring guide rail, our table saw for jobsite ensures reliable and smooth rip-cutting every time. You are going to feel so satisfied with the results. You can set the blade to any desired angle between -60° to 60° for bevel-cutting. Stay in control and cut at the most common angles no matter what.
  • Your Security Comes First: Security is always our top priority. This jobsite table saw is designed with a security shield to prevent sawdust from lingering in the air. A blade guard prevents the blade from popping out after breaking, too. If the machine is overheating, the copper wire automatically starts overload protection to save the machine from damage. With security mechanisms like this put in place, you can't go wrong!
  • Designed Just for You: Don't you just hate dust and bulky tables? The 10 inch table saw is easy to carry for outdoor operations thanks to its compact design. It fits perfectly in your truck for convenient storage. The dust port does well in dust prevention, keeping your workshop clean.
  • Perfect Choice for Wood Cutting: The portable table saw is helpful for wood cutting and various DIY woodworking projects. You can process logs, cut wood boards, or make furniture. Whether in the workshop or outdoors, it will become your #1 cutter helper. Let's get to work.

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VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork
625 mm
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Enjoy Woodworking with VEVOR Table Saw
Our table saw is equipped with a 15 Amp motor to cut all kinds of wood at 4500 RPM. The 25-inch rip capacity allows it to tear through large lumber with ease. Whether you need to work outdoors, make furniture in the workshop, or are interested in woodworking DIY, VEVOR is the one you can trust.
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
  • VEVOR 10
Key Features
Self-Aligning Rip Fence
The rip fence comes with a measuring guide rail, ensuring precise cutting every time.
Blade Guard Set
A blade guard set protects your security during operation and avoids machine damage.
Adjustable Height & Angle
The blade is height adjustable and can be tilted 45° for bevel cutting.


No-Load Speed
4500 RPM
Rip Capacity
25 in/625 mm
Motor Power
1800W (15A)
Max Cutting Depth
3.3 in/85 mm (cross cut at 90°); 2.2 in/55 mm (bevel cut at 45°)
Miter Gauge Range
-60˚ - +60˚
Dado Width
<0.5 in/13.5 mm
Saw Blade O.D.
10 in/254 mm
Saw Blade I.D.
0.6 in/15.875 mm
Saw Blade Tooth Thickness
0.1 in/2.8 mm
Number of Saw Blade Teeth
Product Size (L x W x H)
25.6 x 24.1 x 11.8 in/65 x 61.2 x 30 cm
Product Weight
42.3 lbs/19.2 kg
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Questions and Answers
1 Questions
How do tilt the blade?
Please refer to the pictures in the link below.
By vevor

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11 Review(s)
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Very cool saw. The only problem is the installation instructions, as usual the instructions to install is difficult, I used youtube to help me.
Lady Carpenter Lady Carpenter
Great features in a low price!
I didn’t know you could get a table saw for this price. I had been looking at a Harbor Freight saw that only made a 9 inch cut. When I found this one, it was a no brainer! I am cutting plywood to make slide out drawers in my lower cabinets and some are 20 inches wide. This saw cuts plywood like butter.
Daniel M Pinson Daniel M Pinson
Great Equipment
Only complaint is I was missing 2 screws but not sure if it was shipping companies fault or not. The saw was very easy to set up and use. I was extremely impressed once I started using the saw. I enjoy using it and will be returning to Vevor for more items
Al Al
Worth the money
The table saw cuts really well and the surface, miter and fence are really nice. More features means more money. For the cost of it does a really good job. I definitely recommend it.
Jon Jon
What you would expect for a jobsite table saw. Decently made.
For a compromise to be portable, this is a nicely featured table saw. Has all the normal, and expected, features for a table saw. The fence can be held solid. Easy to adjust blade height. Throat plate is height adjustable for leveling. Comes with a 40-tooth blade. Right under the surface is a holder for the push stick. Rails are snug. It's just a decently made table saw. Has handles or carry points for ease of moving. Not too heavy but cumbersome as these things are to move around. Nothing noteworthy or negative. I've seen some lower priced jobsite table saws and didn't really put much thought into them so that may be worth a comparison. I'm not sure about warranties etc. Or how long either would last. This manual clearly states this is not made for professional use. But we're all professionals in a sense, no? They've got this priced at $221 but power rating wise, even the lowest priced table saws are rated the same. Well, so are the highest priced ones as well. This is a tough choice and they'll need to highlight something to compete with established name brands for pricing competition. I only tested for operation with a scrap of wood and this cuts fast enough and as expected. I tried a piece with a scoring cut and final cut and works great for preventing that blowout on the wood. I'm happy with it's operation. The throat plate doesn't come flat so be sure adjust that with a straight edge. I've used a friend's job site table saw and I can't say one is different from the other. My suggestion, for AC powered, is to compare features that you'll need for your work. Or look for features from those that you will need all the way to those you'll want. Then compare prices to see how much you're willing to pay for the \"want\" features. For battery operated, that's a whole different topic. Overall, I'm happy with the construction and manufacturing of this table saw. It's solid. It arrived well-protected and everything operational as designed.
Pat Traynor Pat Traynor
95% great!
Overall, I'd say there's no good reason not to buy this saw. It cuts great, it's reasonably powerful (for what it is), and it's fairly low price. A couple of minor issues, but I'll get to that. There was almost no assembly required out of the box. There was an attachment on the fence that I had to remove, but then I was able to just plug it in and start testing. Without any tweaking, it was cutting perfectly straight. Ripping small pieces of ¾\" plywood went quickly and the results were perfectly parallel. The saw comes with a basic construction blade, but the cut wood edges were fairly smooth. And obviously if you'd prefer a high end 80-tooth blade, it'll be even better. The blade height and angle adjustments are very smooth. It took almost no effort whatsoever to raise the blade. The Amazon page doesn't specify the size, but the dust port is a standard 2-1/2\". I was concerned that it might be one of those skinny 1.5\" ports, but it fit my dust collection system just fine. A couple of issues. Although the manual appears to have been written or edited by a fluent English speaking person, it's terribly lean on information. Ten pages of safety warnings. Two pages of actual usage instructions. It's as though the writers had to pay for the printer ink out of their own pockets. An example: Riving knife adjust Unlock the riving knife Adjust riving knife Lock the riving knife Very informative. At the end of the second page of usage info, there's a list that looks like this: Use the ripe fence (Abb.1c,15) Use extension table (Abb.16) [ ... ] So I have to wonder if the manual is still in the process of being assembled, and they're only shipping the pre-release version. So because of that, there were a few things about the table saw that I couldn't figure out. The rip fence is attached to an expanding extension table. This works rather well and offers you the ability to cut as wide as 25\", so you can rip full sheets of plywood. There is a gauge on the rip fenc
Nick Nick
Great for the price. 25" rip capacity too.
I am so happy I purchased this saw. The 25" rip capacity wa2 important. I would have had to pay double the price for a "major" brand for these features. Sturdy and good quality too.
tcpuccio1 tcpuccio1
can't beat the price it works well. the plate that covers the blade on the table is very cheap and at times it's sticking up and stops the wood from sliding past it very poor design and also a safety hazard in my mind! overall it's worked pretty well. It replaced a ryobi that is 20+ years old. this is better then the old one I had for sure. could it work better yes but it would cost a lot more too!.
niftywoodcreations niftywoodcreations
My first table saw
For the price I'm very happy with this as my 1st table saw. Works great!! Love the sliding extension, fence & miter gauge were easy to figure out, everything was super intuitive.
Brithor Brithor
As I've stated in previous reviews, if you are not mechanically inclined and willing to make adjustments and are baffled by less than stellar assembly instructions, go ahead and spend a bunch more money for another product. The included assembly instructions are not for this exact product. Close but no cigar. The stand is pretty tricky and if not for the schematic showing centerline connections, I don't know if I'd have gotten the job done. As for the parts, the stove bolts, which have a domed head with a an area of square shank directly below the head (to lock the shaft from turning), we're supposed to fit into the square holes in the corresponding tubes (legs). But the shank was too big to fit in the sq holes. Tightening the nut enough to pull it in will collapse the thin walled tubes. So I filled down the first pair, but then said to h*ll with that and just allowed the heads to extend out beyond the tube surface. Got the stand assembled and working. Placed the plastic orange platform upon the stand in the same orientation as shown in instruction picture and made the appropriate attachments. Everything else is pretty much clear and/or self-explanatory. Issues with my particular unit: There is a stamped steel piece at the end of the table extension that is parallel to the blade and connects the extension rails. The rip fence, when moved to the extreme right side, will be over top of this part. Mine had two deformities on the outside edge. It was also installed too high so the rip fence had to be lifted up to clear the vertical edge. I removed the the offending piece straightened it and reinstalled it at the correct height. Now here is the biggest issue... the rip fence comes with a plastic part attached which is not mentioned in the manual and is only shown in one or two pics on the website. It extends onto the table and effectively cuts down the allowable rip by about 2". One of my criteria for a saw was a rip of at least 24" so I could rip plywood to any size. This part prevents that so I took it off, but what I found was that if you are ripping something that extends past the end of the fence where the lock handle is, the piece will not be parallel to the aluminum fence until it gets past the handle. This was totally unacceptable. To fix this fabrication error, I removed the two screws holding the plastic grip to the aluminum lever and filed the upper screw's head flat and down till it cleared the work. I then had to cut out a small portion of the grip, and then filed down the screw mounting surface till it also cleared the work. I no longer use the plastic fence add-on and can get the full rip as advertised. It is my belief that the mfgr probably discovered their fab error and chose to fix it by adding the plastic rip edge. That's why it is never mentioned in documentation. Other than that, the saw seems to work just fine. A bit loud, and draws quite a lot of current on startup but I wear hearing protection anyway. CHARACTER LIMIT REACHED!

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