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Smash786931 Smash786931
Ok for the price
It does the job
Howard Howard
Positive Customer Service when Customer Provides Requested Documentation with Supporting Pics
During Transit container was roughly handled and Damaged. Opening the Package, I carefully inspected All Parts for Missing and Damaged Parts. When I emailed Customer Service - in accordance with their Service Policy - they Responded within 12-24 hours, requesting specific additional information with supporting Pics; and, they further promised to resolve my issues as soon as the requested supporting documentation was received. I busied myself putting together the additional requested documentation and they were true to their commitment to fully resolve my issues. I offered to repackage All Parts and return same for a Full Refund if they would provide a shipping label; instead they provided a Full Refund AND advised I should NOT Concern myself with returning the Product. I'm 71 years young and I have NEVER Experienced Customer Service Like This!
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