Steve Wilson Steve Wilson
Great book cart!
A wonderful red book cart. Does not take long to put it together. True, a few instructions would help, but it really not difficult to figure out. And the price is right!
Scott Nicolay Scott Nicolay
Exactly what I needed!
I'm a PhD student, and I wanted a rolling bookcase to hold the books and binders for my dissertation and other current research so I don't just pile them up on my desk. I thought about building one, but this cart from Vevor was priced at about the same amount I would have spent on lumber and parts, not to mention the value of my time. Rarely have I purchased something that so EXACTLY fit my needs. I am genuinely happy with this bookcase. Note that I did read a couple reviews that mentioned screw holes not aligning, so I kept my tools handy and was prepared, but I had no such problems. The assembly went smoothly and perfectly. The bookcase itself is sturdy and attractive (I got mine in red). After I shared photos on social media, at least three of my friends ordered their own (in various colors, haha!). So I am really, really pleased with this product...
Bob Schneck Bob Schneck
Handle your books like the library
This is an industrial-strength book cart. It's having no trouble moving my 6,000 books from here to there!
Kailak Kailak
Versatile !
Assembly was tricky because the holes didn't want to necessarily line up but I got them to with the use of my mallet, and I love the results. I bought this to allow my historian husband to move his books from one room to another easily, but so far it's moved everything else. I have to remember the cautions I read in other reviews about not putting too much weight in this.hat I'm going to do later is put a strip of one by two under each shelf in the center on edge to strengthen each shelf a bit and I think that that will be just enough so that I never have to worry about it carrying pretty much anything. Except concrete blocks or small elephants. I will draw the line there.
Janet229 Janet229
Nice quality
We use carts like this at our food pantry. Because the carts are very maneuverable in tight spots and can also be used to display food, they are perfect for our use. This cart is has a nice solid feel.
St Joseph Church St Joseph Church
great product, great service
The product is excellent. Easy to roll around on our shallow carpeting, handles the weight very well and went together easily, though it may take a little experience in putting things together. Do not tighten things up until everything is together. One of the boxes was really destroyed due to weight of the product (unavoidable). May need heavier boxes on the double sided book carts, but will raise the prices a bit too. Great support on anything damaged and worked things out well.
green diva green diva
Overall good
Overall very good for price. Functional. Screws holes could line up a little bit better.

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