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Sabreena Sabreena
Blue 24 inch
Holy difficult to put together!
Bought 2. First took 3 days to put together... And the gear changing still isn't right, and everything needs tightened more than I am capable of. I still haven't managed to get the second one put together.
Mafor Mafor
White 24 inch
So hot it gets stolen
This will be my third tricycle. The last two didn't last 2 weeks on the street. People should buy their own trikes though
Eve Eve
White 24 inch
Very hard to construct
My husband and I tried to put the Trike together, but couldn't get the brakes or the gears to work properly. We had to bring it to a bike shop to adjust brakes and gears. Instructions were a problem because many of our parts didn't look like those in the pictures. There were also several parts missing. Customer Service did a nice job of getting the missing parts to us in a timely manner. Gave it only 4 stars because of the difficulties we had in the construction process.. Overall a very nice Trike for the price! I'm enjoying riding it!
Mickey.;!--Mikey Mickey.;!--Mikey
Blue 26 inch
Gas saver!!!
These bikes are durable!!! Only downfall is design for motor... 50-80cc bicycle engine kits don't mount easily...They way they are supposed to that is... Going higher cc for better fit design on this model. Easy to pedal not that easy to assemble at all.... Needs to be partially (atleast braking systems) installed. The rear end was particularly easy. Love riding though on peddle. So easy to manuever and pedal even at age35 185lbs with 45lbs in the basket it's easier than baking a box cake to lose weight and get fit on this. So worth it!!!!
sharon  Chatman sharon Chatman
Pink 26 inch
i love my adult tricycle but we are having trouble with some parts putting it together your manual is not clear of what to do. is there someone who can come to my house to finish putting my bike together. most of the work is done. i would love to ride it soon.
Ivan Santiago Collazo Ivan Santiago Collazo
Red 24 inch
Your costumer service is excellent, worth paying a little more but you get full service if the product is not up to par..
Stanley Delorme Stanley Delorme
Pink 24 inch
Very nice bike
I'm not much of a bike rider. But wanted to get a bike to be more active and have another outdoor activity with my son. I love the color, style, and cute little basket on the back. Since you are pedaling a bike with three wheel, a basket, and more can be a little heavy to pedal. But it rides smooth, and the basket is big enough to fit a 5 year old who's tired of pedaling his own bike and needs a ride, lol.
woman woman
Red 24 inch
Very difficult to assemble thank goodness that my fiancé is a mechanic and still it took him at least 4 hours to assemble. Everything and I mean everything had to be put together taking it out of the box looking at all of the he pieces was overwhelming to me.
Juliana Juliana
Pink 24 inch
Years of Fun and Quality Exercise Even for Larger Adults
I am in love with my bike. So much fun, so many good times together. It's a match made in heaven. I am a senior heavy woman and have issues with my feet and knees so I can never get enough exercise through just walking, and sometimes when I'm having a flare-up, I can't walk any distance at all. But my bike is easy on my knees, ankles, and feet, and I can take long rides without injury or irritation to my joints. This is the best purchase I've made in years and brings me so much pleasure, as well as improving my health through regular exercise. It is sturdy, easy to ride, with a wide, comfortable saddle seat. So many people have stopped me to ask where they can get one just like it.
david paasch david paasch
Pink 24 inch
I like my Trike!!!
It hold the weight very good I'm -200 pounds. It is smooth enough for an older person. I am happy I can finally get out and do something I enjoy !

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