Ely Ely
Great for the price
First things first, you get what you pay for and for less than 90$ I VERY happy with the assembled product. That said, the assembly process was miserable. The seats aren labeled which way they should face and the support pieces aren either, so I had to guess based on the pictures from the website. I had to disassemble several times before I finally got the right combination. Not the worst assembly process I ever dealt with, but I knocked off a star simply due to the fact that this wouldn have been an issue if the key pieces had been labeled more effectively.
Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Wooden Neck Pain Relief Relieve Fatigue Wood Stool
Barbara Weinberg Barbara Weinberg
What a Relief!
Grading only for body health and comfort, the chair is a five star, but wood frame is very poorly finished therefore I gave it four stars overall.

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