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Laura Laura
Portable Diesel Station at Home
This amazing caddy arrived quickly. It is made of tough plastic. I would have preferred Yellow, but I'll label it to avoid fueling errors. It came with a nozzle, long hose, and attached pump. I think it only holds about 28 gallons, not the 32 advertised. I'm okay with that because it's easier to maneuver.I filled it in the bed of my truck laying down. I didn't have any issues with spilling during transport home. it was easy for me to roll down the ramps from my truck bed. I placed it in the fueling area and attached a lawn mower battery that I bought to use with it. I keep the battery charged with OYMSAE Solar Battery Charger 12V Solar Powered Battery maintainer I got from Amazon. You can power it from the vehicle being filled, but it's so much easier to have the dedicated battery. That way you don't have to connect and disconnect the power clips to refuel.It was so easy to attach the hose. It uses O-rings so the hose and nozzle connected easily. I filled the tractor and side by side easily. Just insert the nozzle into the fuel filler neck, turn on the switch, and it flowed like a gas station! I can't believe that I have messed around with 5 gallon fuel cans for so long, lifting and holding them to fill vehicles. The local fuel company charges $150 to come and fill tanks. This is so economical! I can fill it in the back of the truck, bring it home, roll it to the fuel area, and we are set for a few weeks. So easy!
Donald R. Donald R.
Good But There Are Issues
As I have used this caddy only once, this is in no way a long-term review. Rather, these are simply first impressions. If I learn of issues later however, I will return here to edit this post.The Good: Nothing cheesy about the construction. Sturdy. No leaks. I measured a draw of around 5.5 amps at 12 volts and, at a timed 10 GPM (!) this caddy is much faster than even the pumps at the gas station. The hose on mine is much longer than that in the photo. The DC cord is very long as well.The Not So Good: The down side of the hose being longer than advertised is that won’t even begin to store properly in the narrow-channeled hose storage. I am using velcro strap to keep the hose from laying on my garage floor. The method for holding the dispensing handle on the front of the caddy only barely does so. Any slight nudge, and the handle falls to the floor or into the dirt. There is no storage whatsoever for the electrical cord, so more velcro strap is needed to hold it neatly off of the floor when not in use.Most Desired Improvements: In addition to above-mentioned hose, cord, and handle storage issues, this caddy begs for a reversing on-off switch rather than just a simple (albeit seemingly good quality) on-off switch. To prevent post-fueling storage of a gallon or so of “loose” fuel in the hose, I have resorted to reversing polarity at the battery connection so as to drain fuel from the voluminous hose back into the tank itself, which I view as much safer.
Daniel Daniel
Good portable Diesel tank.
Although I like this portable fuel tank, like others have reviewed, this only holds 26 gallons maximum diesel. Not 32 gallons as advertised.
John Ward John Ward
Gassing up made easier
I feel satisfied with cost, and maneuverability gassing up all equipment.
ichael Ayers ichael Ayers
Works great for me. Recommended.
I'm really glad I bought this. I use it to fill my riding mower and push mower. It was easy to fill at the gas station. I only filled it to 10 gallons the very first time to make sure I could lift it easily into the back of my SUV (the instructions said it should be taken out of the vehicle and placed lying down on the ground to fill - which seems like a good idea). I had no problem hefting it up into the car, but, especially if filled to max, I could see how some smaller folks might have a harder time (I'm 6 feet tall). So, if you can't lift 25 gallons of fluid by yourself, either don't fill it all the way, or take someone with you to help you.
sonicguru sonicguru
Nice caddy
I always wanted one. Got it at a good price and said pack it I'll splurge. This is so much nicer than carrying three cans around. And it actually takes up less space when vertically stored. I take it with me on trips with my pickup. The south has better gas prices than the north. So I'll fill it with what I have when we stop. To take a break.
Jason Davis Jason Davis
A must have
I like the design of the product and the sturdiness of it. Great for taking on the road on long trips and camping.
Steven Kyler Steven Kyler
Great Product
Used for the first time on my docked boat and the tank filling performed extremely well, no leaks the fuel tank on the boat as filled fairly quick considering the tide was high and the boat was almost level with the dock. Very happy with the product. Will provide further review a later time when I refuel my boat again.
The Uplandman The Uplandman
Good workout for your hands
got tired of 5 gallon cans to fill my pontoon so i bought this can. It holds 14 gallons but I'm getting old and lifting it kills my back so I only put 10 gallons in it at a time. The gas pump style handle works but you have to keep squeezing the thing ,if you stop... the gas stops flowing and if you have arthritis you're going to stop. So I bought a tire valve stem, drilled a hole, popped the stem in, got a little air pump, added a little pressure and now it works like a gas station pump, just squeeze the handle. It is made with a heavier gauge plastic so it's sturdy, it rolls good even on grass and the hose is a good length.
raymond thompson raymond thompson
Farm life
easiest way to get the boat filled up without paying crazy lake fuel prices

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