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Charles P. Charles P.
Not bad for the price
Heater does a good job. Maintains 85 degrees in a 18’ by 9’ by 52” pool. Installation pretty straight forward. You may need to visit local hardware store for some plumbing. Only reason I gave 4 stars is if you need to reset the temperature sensor, you have to remove the front panel and it’s right there. Overall, not a bad unit for the price.
Matthew Redmon Matthew Redmon
Works well for above ground pool.
Works great for keeping my 10ft Intex above ground pool at 90 degrees. Took off a star for unlabeled wires (color is not standard for USA) and a pressure sensor that would work much better with a lower pressure level.
Water pressure cutoff switch ... demands too much pressure for such a tiny heater.
Not a bad tiny heater for the price. I am using it to take the chill out of my 14x36 above ground pool. It's not going to turn my pool into a spa! But it does makes it alot more comfortable to enter the pool. In 24 hours it increased the temp by 4°. There was a problem at first because of the water pressure sensor cutoff switch. (If the pressures isn't at a specific flow ... heater won't start). Easy fix ... had my electrician bypass that switch ... now the heater does the job I purchased it for.
Judy Judy
Awesome size
I received the swimming pool heater. It was well packaged and I was impressed with the size. I have yet to have it installed by my electrician and will write a new review when it works. I hope it does what it promises, but so far it looks great.
Eugene Pollitt Eugene Pollitt
Heater works great
Installed on my 18x30 in-ground pool. Keeps the water @ 82 degrees for about $30/ month.
Sam Fender Sam Fender
Used as Baptistry heater
I used this heater in combination with a circulation pump to heat a 750 gallon baptistry at my church. Originally, the baptistry was supplied by a 30 and an 80 gallon water heater setup which required a procedure to fill and would leave the water chilly for batisims. I removed the water heaters and installed the pump/heater system. After filling the baptistry with 62掳 water, it took 11 hrs to heat to 83掳 which will probably be the temperature needed. I monitored the progress of the water temperature rise with an infrared thermometer and marked on the dial thermostat at 70, 80 and 83掳 so we can set a minimum temperature. Now we can fill the baptistry, turn on the pump and heater and next morning have warm water automatically! The only issue with the heater was the tube was kinked from the factory on the flow switch which would not allow the heater to come on. I used thicker walled, weed eater replacement fuel line that allows the bend needed without kinking. Because of the factory defect of the thin walled, kink prone flow switch tubing issue, I rated the heater at four stars. Time and use will determine longevity of the heater.
Joseph Riccio Joseph Riccio
Electric Water Heater 3kw 220v Swimming Pool Spa Hot Tub Heater Thermostat
Michael Tucker Michael Tucker
Excellent Spa Heater !
I installed this heater and was very impressed by how fast it heater my 400 gallon spa. I am so impressed at how it maintains the temperature without going over 104 degree's. I have set this to 103 and it maintains this without any fluctuation.
Electric Water Heater 3kw 220v Swimming Pool Spa Hot Tub Heater Thermostat

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