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Carolyn Diplan Carolyn Diplan
Son geniales ¡
Son muy cómodos, cierran suave, no son pesados, fácil de limpiar, solo tuve que modificar la puerta para instalar. Pero son muy recomendables ya que te ahorras espacio en la cocina.
Maranda Maranda
Nice set of pull out trash cans
Very well made and sturdy!! Love that has 2 trash cans bc I use one for trash and one for recycling! The lids are not attached in any way So have to lift up every time have something to throw away. But comes with deodorizers and spot on each lid. Comes with great instructions to help install and the instructions are also a template. Come with heavy duty ball bearing drawer guides! I would highly recommend !
Melrel05 Melrel05
Works well
I have been wanting to install a pull out trash bin like this in my kitchen. So when I came across this VEVOR Pull-Out Trash Can it was the perfect excuse to force my significant other to install one!So far I have been really enjoying these! I did end up taking the lids off, we go through to much trash with the kids that the lids were more cumbersome than useful for us. But that’s just personal preference and isn’t a reflection of the product itself.These close nice and easy, there is no banging at all and they pull out and push back in smoothly. The quality seams to be pretty good and I don’t feel like it’s going to break any time soon. Overall not bad and I would recommend it.
Julie-Florida Julie-Florida
Pull out trash cans
These little trash cans and slide out bracket are pretty sturdy. Unfortunately they were slightly too tall to install in my cabinets. I so wanted to hide the garbage can out of site. I would still recommend this set of 2 cans based upon how heavy duty the metal crate and sliders are on this set !
Jason J Jason J
good quality and good looking
The quality is very good, the size is just right, it is very convenient to use, it is very fast and convenient to pull and open the cover, the sound is not too loud, it is also very convenient to install the garbage bag, but the capacity is also suitable for the daily garbage volume of the family, it is relatively easy to use trash can. The most important thing is to be beautiful. Perfectly hide the trash can behind the door. Open only when in use. Great. will recommend to friends
Rodrick Rodrick
Good cans
These garbage cans are quite resistant and the size is quite good enough not to be constantly emptying it. The kit comes with everything you need to install on your kitchen cabinet and an instruction manual, so it will be quite easy and quick to install. If you do not have a place to install the garbage cans, you can use them in a traditional way and I guarantee that they will last you a long time, the only thing that would be important that they included a lid to prevent the aromas of the garbage from flowing around your kitchen. I understand that the company does not include a lid since usually when the garbage cans go inside the kitchen, it’s not necessarily needed.
Brandon Brandon
Works well
This pull-out trash can system comes with two nice sized trash cans and the drawer pulls and all hardware needed to install. The instructions were pretty easy to follow, but getting the door aligned properly was a little frustrating and took some time. The plates that attach to the door are adjustable in three dimensions, up and down, left and right, and in and out. We eventually got a good fit, but it took two people and I may have mumbled a few choice words under my breath during the process.Once installed it has been working great. The door doesn't feel super sturdy - the whole system is just a little lightweight so I definitely would only recommend it for home use - but I think it's fine for what we are using it for.Overall, I really like being able to pull out the trash cans on sliders and be able to just rake scraps from the counter right in the trash cah.
Kristin Kristin
Sturdy, cans are large
We have not had a chance to install this yet as we are still building our home. It looks to be very sturdy and should fit nicely into our cabinetry once it is built. I love that the cans are larger and hold 37 quarts. Reading over the instructions looks a little daunting but we plan on watching the video prior to installation. Measurements are metric, so minus one star because they could be written better. I will return with photos and an update once installed.
Star Star
holds so much
this is perfect for my house! i actually replaced the double cans with a very wide single and its even better!! i love this!
ForTheLOVEofBooks ForTheLOVEofBooks
I got this for the trash cans. I do love the pullout grate but I liked the double trash cans more. We can separate our recycling from regular trash. Which is nice and should make it easy to take out. I love the lids and the size of the trash cans as well. The assembly is pretty straightforward forward and the trash cans come with a deodorizer and 1 replacement for each trash can.

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