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Haley Fox Blog Haley Fox Blog
Love how it hides our trash
This is something all kitchens need. No more unsightly trash can filled with garbage. I just had my handyman install this, it was very easy too. Just make sure the bars are straight, level and the exact distance before screwing them in. Once they are in you can thread the trash can holder into the rail and your all set. It glides in and out easily and holds a good amount of weight. Good price too, highly recommend.
KahluaKozKaneKeg KahluaKozKaneKeg
Excellent complete trash system
This pull-out trash system is excellent quality heavy duty and complete with cans, which many do not include. It is extremely well made with excellent install directions printed in color, on heavy double sided stock paper, complete with mounting template! Our son who is a handyman and has installed many systems like this said this it the best one he has seen. Ours will be a while as our build is in process, but I look forward to updating with photos once installed. Love that lids are included to keep odors contained.Great for complete trash and recycle set up! Highly reccomend
Sandra N. Sandra N.
Workable in my cabinet
Excellent product! Garbage off the floor and away from animals. Should have purchased sooner. Easy removal of trashcan. Use 2nd trashcan for my recycling.
Slides nice
These small bins fit nice inside of an extra cabinet. It is nice that there are two bins, one for trash and one for recycling so you can hide both of those in one cabinet. They are smaller bins, but you can’t get much bigger to fit in a cabinet. They glide nicely and are heavy duty enough to support the weight of the bins.
VEVOR Pullout Waste Container Kitchen Trash Can 37Qt Double w/ Soft Close Grey VEVOR Pullout Waste Container Kitchen Trash Can 37Qt Double w/ Soft Close Grey
Tyler K Tyler K
Love it!
This trash bin pull out cabinet thingy has totally elevated our kitchen! No more ugly trash and recycling bins sitting out!! I love that this particular product comes with 2 trash cans as well as the sliding hardware! It was super easy to install (or so my husband says), and it has made our lives 10 times easier!! Overall, great product!
Rodrick Rodrick
Good cans
These garbage cans are resistant and special to install in your kitchen. The capacity seems quite good to me since you won't have to empty them constantly if it's not necessary. I think the quality is good a durable. It comes with everything you need to easily assemble in your kitchen cabinet. They are quite light cans and the measurement is standard in terms of getting tailor-made garbage bags easily. Definitely the only thing you should worry about is having the exact size of your kitchen cabinet because the installation is quick and easy.
Bryan McMillan Bryan McMillan
Good with some minor mods for my application
End product was great but required a little ingenuity to get it to work for my application. That part was simple. I have shaker style cabinets as another review described these as incompatible. That is clearly not the case as you can see the install on my shaker cabinets. All I did was flip the brackets so the door mounting ears faced out instead of in and then played with how to mount the upper and lower bracket in order to get the screw holes to land on the outside portion of the door which is thick enough to screw the brackets into. The other issue I had which, to me, is a bigger issue is that the required clearance required is not accurately listed. The included cans were about 1/2" too tall. I ended up needing to purchase shorter cans at an additional expense. These are the cans I purchased that are about an inch shorter and clear my door opening: considered modifying the opening of the cabinet to clear the included cans which would have saved some money and wait time, but this is a cleaner finished product. If your door opening clearance is close to that listed, know that you may need to purchase different cans. I looked into competitive products but they all had similar specs so I probably still would have needed different cans.
VEVOR Pullout Waste Container Kitchen Trash Can 37Qt Double w/ Soft Close Grey VEVOR Pullout Waste Container Kitchen Trash Can 37Qt Double w/ Soft Close Grey VEVOR Pullout Waste Container Kitchen Trash Can 37Qt Double w/ Soft Close Grey VEVOR Pullout Waste Container Kitchen Trash Can 37Qt Double w/ Soft Close Grey VEVOR Pullout Waste Container Kitchen Trash Can 37Qt Double w/ Soft Close Grey
Carolyn Diplan Carolyn Diplan
Son geniales ¡
Son muy cómodos, cierran suave, no son pesados, fácil de limpiar, solo tuve que modificar la puerta para instalar. Pero son muy recomendables ya que te ahorras espacio en la cocina.
Maranda Maranda
Nice set of pull out trash cans
Very well made and sturdy!! Love that has 2 trash cans bc I use one for trash and one for recycling! The lids are not attached in any way So have to lift up every time have something to throw away. But comes with deodorizers and spot on each lid. Comes with great instructions to help install and the instructions are also a template. Come with heavy duty ball bearing drawer guides! I would highly recommend !
Melrel05 Melrel05
Works well
I have been wanting to install a pull out trash bin like this in my kitchen. So when I came across this VEVOR Pull-Out Trash Can it was the perfect excuse to force my significant other to install one!So far I have been really enjoying these! I did end up taking the lids off, we go through to much trash with the kids that the lids were more cumbersome than useful for us. But that’s just personal preference and isn’t a reflection of the product itself.These close nice and easy, there is no banging at all and they pull out and push back in smoothly. The quality seams to be pretty good and I don’t feel like it’s going to break any time soon. Overall not bad and I would recommend it.

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