Customer Reviews

Gary M Gary M
3 L
Looks like it will last for home use
Heats fast, doesn't flip breakers. About twice as strong as Harbor Freight I think.
seth samson seth samson
Great value for the money
Works like a charm. Lots of items fit
Kristi Kristi
10 L
Good Value
This is a large unit and a good value for the cost. I just received this item, the box was crushed in but the unit appears to be undamaged. I have read reviews on similar items from the same manufactures and most of the complaints had to do with the units size, specifically depth, being smaller than listed; I do have to say this is true to some extent but the unit is still much larger than others in its price range. The unit performed well cleaning a few items, my only complaint is the heater seems undersized for the size of the tank, taking over 2 hours to heat the water from 18C to 50C.The actual internal measurement to the fill line are 19.5" x 11.5" x 5" this calculates out to a liquid volume of 4.85 gallons or 18.37 Liters.
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