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eric gill eric gill
Difficult direction and good luck when u mess up getting them apart
I hate the direction on this. Very difficult to follow
Johannes Johannes
The best kind of tent for a hot tub used all year round
I first saw one of these tents when I was picking up a GrubHub order at a local restaurant where I live and they had three of them with tables for their guests. I thought to myself this would be great to replace my worn out gazebo tent that was currently over my hot tub, which I use in the winter as well as the summer. Several months later, I decided to take the plunge and get one a week ago, so I could set it up before the leaves come down in the fall. The tent itself is made of high quality materials, I love the geodesic dome structure, makes it stand out. I love the fact I am able to put changing color LED lights, to match the lights behind the water fall and circulator in my hot tub. Still in the process decorating it and making it the perfect bath house. I am amazed at how well it holds heat, looking forward to winter when I won't be bitten by the bitter cold air anymore, when I get out of the 104 degree water in my hot tub. Construction requires exact following of the directions, especially for the framework. It takes two people to put the fabric over the framework.
Ryan Edwards Ryan Edwards
Nice garden igloo for the price
I‘m mostly pleased with the Vevor 12ft igloo. It was easy to assemble the frame and I’ve used it all day as an outside office in very cold temperature (10-15 degrees F) with a simple propane heater providing enough heat to warm it to 70+ degrees inside. I only have to minor complaints. The plastic cover was torn about 3 inches when I received it. Hopefully it won‘t continue to tear further, but you want zero defects in a new product. The second issue is the lack of availability of mosquito covers. I called the company to ask about purchasing a mosquito summer cover, and they said they don’t sell it. I don‘t understand this because they have an option on their website where you can get the winter plastic cover and a mosquito cover. Mine only came with the winter cover, so I‘m disappointed I can’t get the mosquito one. I‘m hoping to get a competitor’s mosquito cover instead because I want to use it year round.
Catherine Stocks Catherine Stocks
Love my igloo so much. Kids love sitting outside in the snow!! Built well and survived a wind storm and 2 feet of snow so far!!
Connie Connie
Loving our igloo!
I bought the igloo for my husband Christmas present - a place where he can smoke cigars in shelter. It fits perfectly on our deck! It super cute and had a great experience with Vevor. I placed the order on Saturday and rec it by Tuesday!
Gary Valencia Gary Valencia
Great dome!
Stood up against 45mph wind and blizzard storm up here in Anchorage Alaska. Unfortunately my gazebo wasn as strong and had to take the dome apart before the gazebo collapsed and damage it. My question is where can I find the instruction to put it back together?
David Church David Church
Love the dome, but I read an earlier review that said zipper failed soon after erection. I took special pains to not put undue strain on the zipper but within 40 days the zipper started separating from the plastic cover! This obvious design/manufacturing defect is known to you but not corrected! It needs attention.
nicole pinedo nicole pinedo
12ftbubble Tent Garden Igloo Plant Geodesic Dome Walk In Greenhouse Gazebo Party
Cindy Sue Cavanaugh Cindy Sue Cavanaugh
Garden Igloo Greenhouse Gazebo
This is an amazing product! Fairly easy to put together, looks great, good value for the price. We made our own base over the top of our back patio brick area. We bought a rug for inside as well as a propane heater. We live in the Northern Midwest so it gets cold here, our heater does a great job keeping it comfortable inside. We bought our own lights so we can change colors depending on mood and holidays. If you want a great fun place to enjoy winter weather, I highly recommended this product!
VEVOR Garden Dome 12ft - Geodesic Dome with PVC Cover - Lean to Greenhouse with Door and Windows for Sunbubble, Backyard, Outdoor Winter, Party VEVOR Garden Dome 12ft - Geodesic Dome with PVC Cover - Lean to Greenhouse with Door and Windows for Sunbubble, Backyard, Outdoor Winter, Party
Yumi McDonald Yumi McDonald
We love it! It is like a spaceship!
It looks cool and very cozy. We put a heater inside and enjoying outdoor wild life in winter. It is very nice to have a cup of coffee in the morning, sun bathing in the afternoon and relax with a glass of wine with music at night.

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