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frankie Russell frankie Russell
Made job easier
I read the reviews good and bad and decided to try this for the price. The shaft is a bolt welded from the inside with threads so I was worried about using it in a drill chuck. I have always plucked by hand and wasn't sure what to expect. I used an 18v ryobi drill and what took me by hand 15 to 20 minutes per turkey last year took 2 or so minutes per turkey this year, I recommend using a tub with someone spraying water on bird as feathers went everywhere being by myself. Disassembled and cleaned fingers with ease. If I did more than a few meat birds at a time or a bunch of turkeys at Thanksgiving I would invest in a tub type unit but for a few birds here and there this is an affordable option.
W Heppner W Heppner
Chicken plucker
Very easy to use and works great
Lori Kramer Lori Kramer
It takes 2
This is much easier than plucking by hand, but you will need to phone a friend to hold the bird while you run the drill.
Brandon D. Jones Brandon D. Jones
Pleasantly Surprised By Effectiveness
I was doubtful when I bought this, but for the price, I figured it was worth a shot. I am glad I bought it. Until I used the device, I had plans to eventually purchase a plucker for over 400 dollars...There is really no need to do so, this plucker is GREAT!!!I hooked this device up to my drill, scalded my chicken, and turned loose on it. Those little fingers went to work and surprisingly whipped those feathers right off of the bird.Assembly was simple...I put the fingers on the device quite easily, and it was ready to use within about 2 minutes. It was nice that it came with a couple of extra fingers too.A couple pointers:1) You'll need to either tie up the bird by the feet to extend the wings in order to get in to the "nooks and crannies"2) You don't need to go at it with the drill on full speed, the fingers will rip at the skin a bit, if you're trying to preserve the skin, the fingers may do some damage if the speed is too high...I found that about half trigger is sufficient.Overall, I strongly recommend this device for anyone culling a few chickens at a time, or just one chicken from time to time. I have plucked chickens by hand, and I will NEVER do that again. Get one!!!!
Martha M. Martha M.
Did a great job.
Worked really well, very sturdy. Have used 3 times so far, pleased with it.
William McDonald William McDonald
Almost No more hand plucking!!
This tool can be used single handed and saves so much time..and works better than plucking by hand (still have to pluck the large sweat).Trick is to get the water almost boiling, hold the bird in for a good 45 seconds....glad I bought the cheap one and gave it a try!!!
Alicia Peak Alicia Peak
Feather plucker
That it does. It's too large to pluck chickens, though it would work better on larger birds. It's heavy, so be ready for a workout.
Vivian Vivian
Works great
Kindle Customer Kindle Customer
Works as described, but read below before purchasing.
I had a rooster who needed to be re-homed, decided the freezer would be perfect new domicile. Plucker attached to my cordless easily. Now the exciting part! : I pulled the boy out of the 150 degree water bath, applied the spinning drum to his feathers and POW, feathers everywhere. I applied it again and now it would kick and spin little rooster in circles. After approximately 5 applications to his little yellow skin and only had a few stray feathers to pluck by hand. So, 1, use waterbath 2, expect feathers everywhere 3, you will have a bit of a dance on your hands vs. using drum type plucker.
Kerry S Ward Kerry S Ward
It works!
Makes cleaning a chicken fast and easy. Wish we had gotten one years ago.

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