Walter Marshall Walter Marshall
0.5 T 3 m
Chain Hoist Chain Block Hoist 1100lbs/0.5ton Manual Chain Block W/3m Chain
Robert Rowell Robert Rowell
1 T 3 m
Hoist works fine. Agree with some other commenters that the documentation in not good. However most hoist users can bypass the booklet with no problems.
Joyce Morin Joyce Morin
3 T 3 m
Good product
When we received this I almost returned it. The box was all torn up and the product was dirty and looked used. My husband set it up in the garage and it worked perfectly. He has used it to lift our tractor to work on it. Works great. Glad I did not return it. Thank you
Wanda Rose Wanda Rose
1 T 10 m
It is good for lifting light weight items.
It is small in size and a good price.I use it to lift items into a loft in my shed.

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