marisol marisol
Awesome price
Cheap than other sites and places, a really good price. It worth the purchased
Robert F. Robert F.
Did the job I needed it to do.
I had to remove a nut that was torqued to 180 ft. lbs. I tried two different impact wrenches and they wouldn't move it. This wrench did it with no problem. Great tool.
Rebecca Babin Rebecca Babin
Very satisfied!
Liked everything!
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Good Matt build guns
Bought 2 of these used all day 8 to ten hrs a day . Thumbs up
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Very good
Works good. My husband liked it.
Jed patout Jed patout
Great tool for the price
Great little tool. I used it to build tripod crawfish cages. So far I used 15,000 hog rings through it and have another 15,000 to go. Every 2,000 or so it needs some lube but that is it.Well worth the money!

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