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Chris Chris
24-37 inch 18U
Rack is incredibly solid heavy duty A bit to assemble but well the price for the unit itself Great price Will again here!
Unhappy Unhappy
16 inch 6U
This review is for the 6U 4-post open frame rack. This product is a complete waste of money. 1) The rack was manufactured with the spacing of the holes too far apart. I own a Ubiquiti Network Switch, a Monoprice Patch Panel, and a Monoprice network shelf. The holes were manufactured approximately 1/2" too far apart which prevents any piece of equipment from fitting in the rack. My previous rack (Monoprice) did not have this issue. 2) The rack was provided with insufficient screws to fully assemble. The rack should have been provided with 24 screws and nuts but was only provided with 20. 3) The rack had numerous scratches in the paint. The exterior of the box was free from damage which indicates the rack was shipped in damaged condition. 4) One of the square holes did not fully puncture the steel rail. 5) The included "instructions" contained grainy photographs with poorly translated English and were crumpled and torn on receipt. On it's own, this wouldn't have bothered me but it truly highlights the lack of quality and attention to detail that went into this product. CONCLUSION: I bought this rack because it was $40 cheaper than the next cheapest alternative. Do yourself a favor and don't make the same mistake I did!
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

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Vevor Team
Sergio Ortiz Sergio Ortiz
18 inch 12U
Awesome Rack
Loved it and it’s built well
Gary Gary
18 inch 12U
Very nice quality
This rack was well packed and was easy to assemble. It is by far one of the best made that I have installed in the last 25 years. Highly recommend!
Bentley Robinette Bentley Robinette
18 inch 12U
does what you expect.
good value. easy to assemble. no missing parts. good fit and finish.
Chase Gillilan Chase Gillilan
18 inch 12U
Great Rack! Works as intended
Rack does not include enough screws to mount hardware to the rack, be mindful in case your equipment does not provide mounting screws. Other than that the rack was perfect for my usage.
Vernon Rosemin Vernon Rosemin
18 inch 12U
Used in my office for modem, switch and router.
Stephen Bugge Stephen Bugge
18 inch 12U
15 U rack.
Very good rack system.
James Nail James Nail
18 inch 12U
Quality Rack
Good rack. Made of good materials. Easy to assemble and use.
Sonido Hennessy Sonido Hennessy
18 inch 12U
Good rack...
Very good audio rack, fits perfectly for my surround sound

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