Jon Jon
Greatly increases digging capiblity
Ordered the tooth bar for my l2501, with a 66" bucket the tooth bar was approx 1" too long. Cut a half inch out of either side of the center tooth and welded it back together. The tooth bar then fit great and it makes a huge difference in digging and the teeth are a little long but it works great for carrying logs.
Rudi Rudi
Tooth bar for front end loader
this tooth bar was a very good deal, the price was right, the delivery suited me and the unit worked perfect for my needs.
use your teeth for chewing!
Tough game changing addition to my loader bucket. This is money well spent. Digs more effectively, uproots vegetation quickly and decreases the number of passes required to clear debris!
Ricky Duck Ricky Duck
Bucket with teeth
Works great digging into bank and pulling small trees up
David Privett David Privett
bolt on 66 inch toothed bucket bar
was not a exact fit but if figured that it would not be. just took out 1-1/4 inches of plate ,rewelded it and good to go. works well when fitted to bucket. I like the idea if I need it I can put it on if I need a finishing bucket I can just take it off. It takes a little time but it can be done with only one bucket instead of two.
elbert harris elbert harris
2 N 1
I have not used them at all. This was an impulse. I saw & I bought. They look very heavy.
Robert Todd Robert Todd
Bucket bar tool
was as advertised. fit bucket exactly with no adjustments needed. packed well works great.

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