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Pete Jarboe, Wh. H. Pete Jarboe, Wh. H.
20 pcs
Great product for the greenhouse.
Great product for the greenhouse
Carl Ratcliff Carl Ratcliff
20 pcs
Nice wiggle wire and comes with self tapping screws
Typical wiggle wire, but a nice bonus that it comes with 4 self tapping screws per section.
Paul Roe Paul Roe
20 pcs
Exactly as advertised and works great.
pacaBill pacaBill
20 pcs
Used for attaching plastic sheeting to a greenhouse
Repurposed an old 10'x20' canopy carport into a greenhouse for the garden. After watching a number of YouTube videos, this looked like a good way to "permanently" attach the plastic to the frame. I added some other stiffeners and cross-frames to stiffen up the frame a bit, then attached these strips to the frame. It's nice they included self-tapping screws, but I would recommend predrilling the holes to ensure the screws go where you want.Once installed, easy to attach the plastic using the zig-zap strips. Just be careful with any sharp edges that may inadvertently cut your plastic sheeting. These provide a great method for attaching the plastic sheeting, without having to worry about it coming free in the wind.
Guswomp Guswomp
20 pcs
Perfect for securing shade cloth
I have a screen house that I covered with shade cloth. This system is the bomb! Northern New Mexico winds after several months, no tears! Highly recommend.
Dirt-Fisher Dirt-Fisher
Great for tarps or plastic
Holds very well. Easy to use
Brooksy Brooksy
The right stuff !
Perfect. Excellent quality, screws included; washers and gasket self drilling configuration.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
50 pcs
Good item
Love this product !!!
Eric Feist Eric Feist
40 pcs
This is the way to go
This is the best way to attach greenhouse poly or a tarp to a structure and keep it relatively easy to remove. Keeps the poly tight with no need for straps. Exactly what we needed.

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