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jim peters jim peters
This is not a pizza restaurant
So like when I started to build my garage bakery everyone thought I was going to sell uber pizza and like then the oven came in and I baked my first batch of bread and I was like this is a bakery not a pizza restaurant and this oven is perfect for baking bread I just have to figure out the temps because I stead of having 4 temps it has three and so there may need to be a little adjustment while I'm baking but so far so good and for the price I'm pretty happy......
Shaye Shaye
I decided on this over making my own.
I was going to make my own vacuum pot but decided to try this first as the acrylic and valves and such would honestly cost me probably as much to DIY. Well so far for me I have been able to take it down to -27/-28 inches mercury a dozen times without issue. The pot valves hold the vaccum no problem if left to idle (Shut with no pump on) as I already tested. There really isn't anything bad that I can say about this product other then the picture they show makes it look wider and shallower then my product which was taller and deeper. It's actually good for my use case but that could mess over others trying to do things as a heads up. Overall happy. (Side note: In case you are not aware you'll need a vaccum pump and oil too use this. This is just the pot.)
Keith Syrstad Keith Syrstad
Works great. Was a little nervous about the lid from some of the reviews. I decided to take the risk figuring I could easily just cut a new lid if it does break. Comes with some o-rings and some back up pieces. Really like the double valve to pull air and hold vacuum. This definitely takes some of the stress off of my vacuum pump. I imagine some of the cracking in previous reviews is due to over tightening of the valve manifold or pulling much more of a vacuum than I am working with. I snugly tightened the bulkhead but let the o-rings serve their purpose. Happy with it!
Wayne Aungst Wayne Aungst
seal food containers
The quality of the vacuum chamber is very good. Works very well for what I am using it for sealing food containers and bags.
Gary Ruark Gary Ruark
I pulled a 50lb vacuum on this 2 months ago and it was at 48 lbs yesterday!
Great product and engineering.
I am a Geek I am a Geek
Works out of the box
Upon first setup I pulled it down to 400 microns as a test. No issues at all. No leaks, no cracks, no dents, minimal lid flex. Lid is thick about 1/2. Nice to be able to see inside. Lid is clear.

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