Jason Wickham Jason Wickham
Fence company owner
Excellent product, terrific price. Would recommend 100xs over. Just what we needed for core drilling.
Steven Landis Steven Landis
It works and it鈥檚 cheap
Functions well, motor seems pretty powerful. Would like to see a variable speed trigger, a larger base, and better water inlet setup(made my own). But damn if it dosent drill some holes. Got my $ out of it for sure!
N. Morales N. Morales
Worth the buy!!!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Works like a charm. Good for the price. Not sure how long it will last but it works for the time. If you want something inexpensive to get a quick job done, then this is it.
Lynk Lynk
Paid for itself in 2 jobs
Works just as good as the ones I've rented.
texas skeeter feeder texas skeeter feeder
It was an excellent buy for the price.
The core drill worked very well. It had plenty of power for 4" cores drilled to depths of 8 to 12 inches.I liked the power switch location and operation. The core drill and frame is light and easy to carry.The included water supply hose is flimsy and should be replaced with a higher quality hose. The wrench inset on the stem is narrow. We had to grind down our wrench to fit the narrow inset.
I would buy again
Good buy for the$$$
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
2 feet drilled! 1' each!
Drilled two holes thru 1 ft. Brick walls! Holes should be lined with sdr 35 pipe, schedule 40 will not quite fit! The drill performed well though you can smell thos brushes going bad! Everything is low quality but it does work! I used lag shields and bolts to anchor the base for horizontal drill. The hose connector is a weird size I just duct taped it to garden hose! The motor runs a bit fast. I bet with a bigger bit it can get real hairy! The cord unfortunately did wrap around the advance lever, recommend putting the lever on the opposite side to avoid this unfortunate circumstance.Definitely not a knock off of a name brand but the drill worked fantastic all things considered! Thank you china for producing this, the rental yards here suck so this was my best option! Drilled my holes for much less than hiring out. And now can drill more when I need!
Kimberlea Gerbasio Kimberlea Gerbasio
Worth the price.
Overall a nice product. Packaging and initial setup took a little effort and I think could've been done better. The fitting fit the supplied bit won't accommodate smaller cutting bits.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
It did the job that I bought it to do.
I needed to core drill some holes in a concrete retaining wall and looked at renting a "hand drill". I knew that with the number of holes I needed to drill that it wouldn't be a 1-day job. I did the math and decided I would buy this tool instead of renting. It arrived in 2-days (thank you Prime) and pulled it out of the box. The packing for such a heavy tool is poor, at best, and the power was actually damaged. I needed to use the tool the next day, so I made a temporary repair to the cord and used it. It works great and the mounting rig is a HUGE backsaver. Instead of lugging the drill head and bit for over 30 minutes (each hole) I was able to get comfortable and sit while the drill did the work. It has all the power needed to drill a 4.25" hole if you have the patience to drill into concrete - which is not a quick process. I still have a few more holes to drill, but so far I am extremely happy with this tool and the overall purchase.
Mauricio cadavid Mauricio cadavid
Strong machine and came with the bit
Good product work perfect

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