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Jeffrey McGuire Jeffrey McGuire
90 L 3 pcs
Good size, adequate, not airtight
Was very excited about these after a ton of research trying to find a suitable.option for my needs. Was looking for multiple bins for my flour, rice, and dog food storage needs, as volume wise these fit the bill. The 11.4 gal easily fit 35 lb of dog food could possibly hold a 50 pounder, the 5.8 was good for a 25 lb bag of flour, and the 3.4 holds 10 lbs of rice. Wish I could get 2 - 5.8 gals to hold more rice. Construction is durable, the flaps are nice as they will stay open on their own long enough to fill up smaller containers. The one major downside is th lids do not create a true seal. There is a rubber gasket, and two magnets, but without pressure the faster does not press to become airtight. Also one of my flaps is warped juuust the slightest bit creating a small air gap. Nothing that mice can sneak in through, but it does not afford the true oxygen free environment I had hoped. It does have dessicant packets in the lid itself to help with this, so all in all I believe it is a sufficient receptacle and about as close as you will get to airtight in this price range.
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