Customer Reviews

Rile Rile
wide channels
Very satisfied with width of channels, ordered another set to protect temporary RV utilities. Plus the order comes with three joining pieces. Great deal!
Harvey Howard Harvey Howard
These are on my driveway and sometimes they will shift if the driver stops right at them; but if you just drive slowly they stay in place. I'm using three of these and they connect together well and cover the entire driveway.
jerry bowen jerry bowen
Great cable covers
These work great for covering our 50 amp cord. Very strong and durable.
Perry Yoder Perry Yoder
Hey... They Work! That's what's important.
Yes Becky, they are heavy and are meant to be. They held up fine running the mini excavator over them many times with no issue not to mention the rest of the the truck traffic. They are a great value. You can also use them as curb stops later to prevent your daughter from driving her Corolla into the back wall of the garage for the third time. The price is right, the service is great, just bring a strong young man to help you lift the box or open the box where is lays and remove them one at a time!
John Land John Land
No complaints!
I bought a three pack of these to cover a car charging cable in my driveway. They work well and hold-up great in the elements! They easily survive cars driving over them and are easy to see. Definitely recommended!
mike mike
This is just what I needed to run the internet and security cables in my house.
jordan jordan
Great product.
Very well built, sturdy.
R Manz R Manz
Heavy and well built
Much better than I expected. Very heavy. Despite reports of bending, the three sections I received were flat. Has four locations that can be drilled out and bolted to the floor. I did need to drill holes inside the channel to use zip ties to hold the cables inside. Was able to cut one of the units cleanly with a circular saw at an angle.
Patti Bowie Patti Bowie
Great product great price
Donn Cunningham Donn Cunningham
Heavy duty cord protection
Absolutely fantastic product for the price. Super heavy duty
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