tony tony
this welder is a compack welder
it works great for home use
Swede Swede
Looks great!
I haven't used this welder yet, but it arrived on time and looks really nice. I am excited to give it a shot!
yosvani godoy yosvani godoy
Buena relacion calidad /precio.
Ligera, pero potente, ideal para trabajos en casa.
Does small jobs well
good machine for the price. decent welds on 3/16 rods 6011. Have not tried on others so fsr
Chris Chris
It works.
To begin with, I am new to this so inexperience has a lot to do with my issues. I have used on AC 6011(3/33), 6013(1/8), 7018(3/32), and 7024(1/8). Set the amps 20 more than you would on a calibrated machine and does okay. I have had the best luck with 6013 and 7024. Cuts and sputters no matter the amps with 6011. On DCEP 240v I have ran 6010(1/8), 6011(3/33), 6013(1/8), 7018(3/32), 7024(1/8). I ran a few 6013 as DCEN. Didn't notice a difference. Running DCEP seems to really agree with this machine. 6010 and 6011 still are not working well with me. 6014 and 7024 seems to be the best. Take caution that 7024 burns very hot. Make sure to tack your welds properly. The machine itself, lightweight, fits into a milk crate with everything including gloves and a hot coat with couple boxes of rod. I've run a few rods constantly through the machine and have not had it overheat shut down. Cycle time is not a problem for a beginner welder. The leads are sufficiently long for a table welder. If you want to do anything off a table they will suck. Never did get hot or anything. Buy a separate welding hood. This one sucks. Also get a proper slag hammer and brush. This machine does not seem to be calibrated as the welding rods recommended amps hardly light up the rod. It also does NOT come with the AC female to DC male connector. Very simple to make your own but you are buying a welder that is AC/DC so why would you need to make the consumer buy/make their own cord.

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