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Geena Geena
Great machine
I’m using it for personal use at home and it works great! I bought 1 inch acorn capsules to use in it. It took a little time to figure out directions and how to get it to work properly but once I did it was easy. I did have to look up video explanations as the written directions were not clear.
Alli P Alli P
Decent candy dispenser
I loved the blue color, which is why I chose this specific candy machine. It does seem cheaply made. I was expecting the bowl and base to be plastic (which they are) but I was also expecting the parts that are silver to be metal (which they aren't). The inside mechanism is metal and that's the most important part I suppose. It did come with two keys which is important to me because I'm always misplacing a key; I like to have a backup. It holds a lot of candy. Different shaped candy does tend to get stuck occasionally and sometimes it doesn't dispense anything. I just keep backup quarters handy in case I need to make up for an empty withdrawal.
Jackelin Jackelin
Muy bien
Penni Rozema Penni Rozema
Very nice
I had a tiny bit of trouble adjusting for the capsules but did manage
Lorene Stephens Lorene Stephens
Awesome quality
My grandson loved this machine! The ability to change sizes and quantity of the items being released. Just wondering if there is a stand we can purchase for it??????
It works
It works…most important! Nice quality!
waynenorwoodjr waynenorwoodjr
Love it !
Like a old timey gum machine. We put quarter size balls in it.
Anonymous Anonymous
Looks nice and is easy to use
My partner and I got this as part of our wedding decor/favors. Works perfectly and looks awesome. Plus the “dome” part is plastic and not glass, which we figured would be safer around possibly not-sober wedding guests.
Andrea Andrea
Nostalgically pleasing
This thing is huge and awesome. Waited 2 weeks for this and it’s so worth it. Had to give it 4 stars though bc for $140 it came a little ruffed up with paint chips and used looking parts. But packaging was good and there was protective film on inside and outside of glass but glass still managed to get scratched from film being ripped.
kitty kitty
Quality product
Nice quality prize machine! Purchased for my nephews for Christmas, planning to fill with prizes! Great product especially great price!!

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