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Mike Mike
So far so good
I've enjoyed using the product so far. It's slightly too large for my 4-burner grill, with handles in the correct position, but I installed them facing inward and it's been fine. I don't lose much surface area doing this. As a cook surface it's been good. I've made pancakes, stir fry, smash burgers, off-the-cob corn, and chicken. I used it for the chicken to cook the corn at the same time and would otherwise just use my grill. The chicken still turned out fine. The pancakes and stir fry are where it really worked great. I was able to make a double-batch of pancakes in mere minutes, with no sticking or burning. It would have taken me forever on a stove top, and they wouldn't have been cooked as uniform or to the right color. I'm nervous to get it REALLY hot, because I saw another comment response that it's coated in Teflon, which has issues with gassing off when you get it too hot. But I've used metal utensils on it with no scratching issues and it's easy to clean as I would expect carbon steel to be. It's not LIGHT, but not overly heavy either. So far I've really enjoyed the product.
Nebil toutounchi Nebil toutounchi
Great product and great customers support as they were contacted for a question and responded quickly and timely matter as that is not the norm today and thank you for that and keep up the good work !!
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Awesome griddle!
I purchased this instead of a flattop grill. It is plenty big for me, and works just as good. Just treat it like any carbon steel skillet, and it will give great results!Season it properly first! I cooked eggs, burgers, you name it! I like how it is reinforced on the underside, eliminating any warping issues.
Ann E. Kelley Ann E. Kelley
best purchase
I love this griddle ! I got this to put on my gas grill and I absolutely love it - it is non stick and easy to clean
Christopher Christopher
Good for what I need it for
gwen draper gwen draper
I love the product. Dont have a picture.
I loved it. It was very strong and very easy to clean. It also was easy to put on the grill.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Good size.
Helps contain food fat and good material.
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