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Eddy D Eddy D
A decent quality, low-priced power-feed.
I was procrastinating on a project involving long cuts on a lot of parts, because I couldn't face all the cranking that would be required. Then I saw this power feed at a price I couldn't refuse. I am pleased at the overall quality, almost all of the housing is cast aluminum and the machining is clean and accurate. I was pleasantly surprised to see it also came with a limit switch, which didn't see mentioned in the product description. The Installation went slower than necessary due to the sparse, cryptic instructions. The main issue being the shims required behind the "copper" (actually bronze) gear, it says "approximately 2mm" but it doesn't say where this measurement is or how it can be taken. I resorted to adding thicker shims one at a time and trying the gear by pressing it in and turning it, when there were not enough shims, the motion was rough as the gear teeth were bottoming out. When enough thick shims were added the motion became smooth, I then removed the last thick shim and repeated the process with the thin shims, until the motion just got smooth. That was my best guess as how to achieve the proper spacing. Not only was the limit switch not mentioned in the description, there is no mention of it in the instructions whatsoever. Okay, mounting it was pretty straightforward but the fitting outer cover and springs were a bit more puzzling, as there is no digram, description or picture of these parts. Although I was able to figure it all out in the end, better instructions would have been very helpful. All in, it took about an hour to install. Operation is simple and the feed basically works as it should. My only complaint, the electronic speed control is a bit sensitive and seems to have more high speed range than low. Meaning, the slowest it can go might be too fast for some operations. However, it worked perfectly for that project I was putting off, I milled up all the parts quickly and suffered no aching arm! Having the rapid traverse function alone is worth the price. Even with its few shortcomings, I would recommend it for anyone looking for a decent quality, low-priced power-feed.
Louie Stark Louie Stark
I installed this drive on a Grizzly G0678 mill X axis. Needed to do some modifications to get it ti fit but it works great. Well worth the price and very quality looking and easy to use.
albert martinez albert martinez
Instructions don't say a lot
Had to some parts ( bushing, brackets...) but it works very well . Good for the money. Would recommend.
Inahastation Inahastation
Seems like it's working well -needed a little modification to mount. Note though - I rate this at 5 stars because they won't publish anything less than 4.
Ga handyman Ga handyman
Had to machine a bushing for my Bridgeport.
It works for my x axis ( I got the 450 in lbs one) it has enough power to move the table in and out. I had read that I would have to modify a bushing in other reviews. It would also be a simple matter to include a bushing for a Bridgeport. I have a lathe so it wasn't a big deal. I suppose that most people who have a mill also have a lathe but I'm also sure that not everyone does. It seems to maintain a constant speed so I really like it.
Scott Scott
This is very easy to use, with the exception of shiming the two shafts. That took the longest time. So far it has worked flawless and far surpassed my exceptions. Would recommend this for anyone who needs a power feeder motor. Shipping was fast and very well documented.
John John
Retired tool maker.
I was able to make the power feed work on the "Y" axis, although it was made for the "X" axis. The instructions were useless and did not help at all. It would be very helpful if you have a lathe to make an adapter to have it work on the Y axis. Once you adjust the gear engagement ,it works fine..
David David
Production Officer
Had minimum modifications and adjustments to fit in my milling machine, because it is a small mill. Once installed, perfect. Easy moves both sides, perfect synchromism. Thank you..... :o)
randee - Florida randee - Florida
Directions so so. Had to make a few mods but other than that, works great !
Had to make some mods. But other than that, works great !
julio vasquez julio vasquez
Bien Hecho
lo compre hace un mes y realmente facil de instalar y rapido , muy buen funcionamiento y de buena calidad.

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