Jeremiah C. Muhly Jeremiah C. Muhly
What a difference.
I love this product. I’ve used a pizza stone for years. I love making pizza from scratch, but, only heating to 550 degrees makes getting the dough fully cooked a bit difficult. This steel is a game changer. The dough cooks perfectly, slightly crispy but still a bit chewy.
Ray R. Ray R.
Great and large pizza steel
The steel is much better at retaining heat than the pizza stone I had been using. So far, have used it for bread several times with very good results. The steel does require a good scrubbing prior to first use, cleanser works well. The thickness is about 0.2 inches, not 0.4 inches as the description indicates. I had expected the .2 inch thickness. 0.4 inches would have been too thick for my non commercial needs. As it is, it is a heave steel plate. Very good purchase!

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