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Molly Dunn Molly Dunn
12 L
Gave this as a gift and he loved it
Great deal and everything came quickly with all the pieces.
george csaplaros george csaplaros
30 L
It is a fine product
It is a fine product
Matthew Matthew
12 L
For the price, great buy!
I realized i ordered the wrong version, but that quality of this is great. stainless steel, pretty thick too. Nice parts & accessories too! Happy with it but returned to get the bigger one!
jeffrey jeffrey
works nicely. the larger capacity makes it easier to do my projects. was disappointed that I had ordered the smaller unit and then company refused to allow me to return the item in the unopened package. was offered $8 for shipping but have never received anything. none of that changes the quality of the product. I am quite satisfied with that
Billdini Billdini
Dancing still?!?
This is a very well-made piece of equipment. I was quite impressed with the thickness of the metal used. Imagine my amazement when I put it on my flat top stove turned the heat to high only to find that still dances or wobbles back-and-forth to the point that it looks like it’s gonna fall off the stove, I put some weight on top of it and that seem to stop it. It appears the bottom of the pot is curved, allowing it to rock back-and-forth.
jewalicious jewalicious
good for the 1st timer
It was a great price , this is only the 2 piece, no intermediate thumper / slobber box. but it did come with a pump and water lines and the user manual has alot of interesting recipes.
Creations Creations
12 L
Happy beginner
Got a 3 gal. All parts mentioned in the picture were there. Excellent beginner still. Also compact enough to fit on a stove, in a small kitchen. Very easy to assemble even for non-handy inexperienced. I am impressed by the instructions manual, which is not fancy, but very detailed, and includes lots of tips and recipes. One of my shut-off valves was missing a nut, but I didn't mind since I only used the bottom valve to drain the water. The upper valve (missing nut) is for a pump to pump cold water in, which is not totally necessary if supervised, and it does not come with the 3 gal package. I added ice cubes and ice water throughout the process. Super happy with my purchase!
Sam The Man Sam The Man
Cheap 5gal Pot
Price is great, just go ahead and throw out the small condenser, its way to small and finicky on water flow. You can make easy cheap condensers out of 5gal bucket works way better. Just the 5gal pot alone is worth 85$. Go to walmart and see how much they charge, its more.
Carrie Wheeler Carrie Wheeler
Amazing product easy to use and clean up is very easy. Storage is easy also. The system is a great and easy to put together.
Timothy Pitts Timothy Pitts
It works right out of the box!
I am amazed. Out of 4 quarts of homemade wine, we got this much and there is more left in the still.

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