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jim sheridan jim sheridan
I used this differently than intended
I wanted to automate the door into the run and this unit seemed appropriate. I didn't use the door (already had a string system for the coop door) and hooked up the linear actuator and controller to open and close the door on a timer. So far it works pretty well. It is set up kind of like a screen door actuator.My only complaint is that the controller should have a battery backup in case of power outage. I leave for the weekend sometimes and always worry about whether the chickens are going to get locked out or in the run and coop if the power goes out. That is my only complaint.
bill bill
Easy install
Installed in ten minutes works well no problems. My birds love it!
Telo Telo
Best Auto Chicken Door Available
I have purchased, installed and used just about every automatic chicken door available and this on by far outshines the others. It's SIMPLE & WORKS. I had fancey doors with wifi and phone apps and timer based doors and everything inbetween. You won't be disappointed with this purchase. Set it up one time and forget it... you never have worry about if it opened or closed because it ALWAYS DOES!
Aaron p. Aaron p.
It works
We received this product and installed it. Installation was easy. As we were coop training our girls we didn't want the door to open and close like normal. We wanted it to stay closed for a few days so they would start to think of the coop as home. We took the motor off to remove the batteries to disable it. The motor fell out of the housing and when we tried to reinstall the button broke off. We were pretty upset bc this isn't a cheap door. I reached out to the sellers about a replacement. Here is where they impressed me. I got a response back quickly to my complaint. The requested I send pictures which I did the same day. They again responded quickly to the pictures and said they would be sending a replacement motor within two day. Two days later it came in the mail. I reinstalled it and it works great. My girls quickly realized the coop was home and so we were able to let the door work as normal. They have been going into their coop every night before it closes. I would highly recommend this product and this company. They were quick to handle my issue and take care of me as a customer.
William W. William W.
Best thing Ever!
I installed this door in about 20 minutes. Cutting the hole was the hardest part. I followed the directions that came with the door and it was a breeze. The girls weren't too sure about it at first. They wouldn't use it the first night. The next morning it was open when I came outside and they were all waiting by it, not coming out. I threw some scratch around the opening to coax them out. After 3 days of working with them, they now come in and out on their own. I get up at 6:15am and they are already out and foraging. It makes my heart so happy they don't have to wait on me. I did switch to using a box for them to hop up to and peek in the door rather than the chicken ladder with this door. They seem to prefer that now.
Tracy T Tracy T
Working perfectly so far!
May 2022 Update: After using this door for almost a year now, we still love it! The only issue we've had is in the winter when it would rain and then get really cold soon thereafter, the door to be a bit frozen and could not open. I like that the door would try to open, then stop. It reassures me that it won't break so easily! Our idea going forward for this winter is to create a bit more of an overhang to keep more moisture away from the door. All we had to do was just open our coop's side door to let the crew out. Regardless, we love this door and it makes life so much easier for us!
Timothy Roper Timothy Roper
Great buy! Makes my busy life easy knowing my girls are all tucked in or out early.
So far so good, when we first got it my husband played with it so much that he must have set new timers LOL. It was easy to reset, we just removed batteries and it goes back to factory settings. I have had it for 3 weeks now and I still check to make sure it opens and closes for the hens. There was one morning half of my flock made it out and it shut. I found my chickens trapped in coop and over heating. Not sure what happened? Maybe cloud cover triggered sensor to close at dawn again
Actually works
I didn't like the two piece metal looking door. So I glued a thin panel of wood to it and the rails. Camouflaged. Leave the edges of the metal showing so it fits and slides in the rails. Mounted it inside and Built a skinny box cover over it. Since I didn't have room under the window mounted it sideways. Works no problem. No batteries, be prepared.The programing of the second remote was tricky. Otherwise a but if patience. Works great Wish it was solar. Going to have to figure that one out.
Brandon Hunter Brandon Hunter
This is what you didn
Once I figured out the placement, it was super easy to install. For over a month this contraption has effortlessly closed up and opened our coop! We have large Brahmas that fit just fine through the opening
Russ t Russ t
Freaking amazing!
Ok seriously this is the best product I have purchased in a very long time. I have no affiliation with the company. I paid for my unit myself after being frustrated with other manufacturers. And I absolutely love this thing. It

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