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Dimitre G Tomov Dimitre G Tomov
Absolutely great! I was a little hesitant because of the great price but this is genuinely an awesome deal. The tool is well made, easily adjustable, comes with set of bits and a lever. It also comes with a box so I can store it properly.
Larry Larry
I purchased the RTD-10-79 in-lb 1/4 inch torque screwdriver. It was a great deal (on sale and free delivery) and it arrived earlier than expected; great customer service. The tool is easy to set and worked great in my first application. I would recommend it to others that need the occasional lower torque settings for smaller fasteners.
Eric Huggins Eric Huggins
Works great.
Works great.
Eagle1983 Eagle1983
Great tool for Rifle Scopes
Great tool for accurate tightening of screws for rifle scopes. I like that it can be adjusted to 1 pound increments. Feels very solid and appears to be a quality tool.
Hoarse Hoarse
Read the instructions
This tool makes it easy to torque small screws to precise values. Read the instructions to learn how to set the driver. Works great for installing accessories onto my guns.
Douglas castaneda Douglas castaneda
Todo bien con el articulo
Hugh H Hugh H
Not sure if it's a real VEVOR product but it's working OK so far
The torque screwdriver I received seems to be from a generic brand, and I'm not sure if it's a genuine VEVOR product or not. I went to VEVOR website and check on the pictures there, and I cannot find significant differences between the one I received and the pictures.Either the one I received was a product made from the same factory but with a generic label, or it's a counterfeit product. At least it seems well made and it's getting the job done.I like the thin line markings on the screwdriver, which make setting desired torque easier and more accurate than the ones with a thick line indicating the torque. That was the main reason why I chose this over other torque screwdrivers. The torque range 10-70 lb ft is very good for my use case, as I need a wider range for mounting difference items.Speaking of the torque, with such a wide range of torque, I'd not expect the torque to be super accurate. And personally I'd not trust the torque if it's critical to my work process, and I'll have it calibrated if I need to use it on something that requires really accurate torque. On the other hand, for occasional use and not requiring very accurate torque settings, I think it's good enough.
Hunter Mike Hunter Mike
Great design
Looks just like the Vortex but was less money and in stock. Very easy to use and a nice storage case.
Van Dover Van Dover
Got more than expected!
Wasn't expecting this level of quality but was pleasantly surprised. Seems to be very accurate, it's got a good weight to it and has a nice audible click and slip when torque value is reached. A comfortable handle and is easy to read and set to your torque requirement. The accessories are the more commonly used and handy. The case is pretty well made for storage with eggshell foam inside. I've scoped three rifles using this torque wrench with no problems. Be sure to lower the torque setting to 0 before storing to maintain accuracy. I like it!
P. Stensrud P. Stensrud
Good stuff!
Needed a torque driver to properly torque some screws on scope mounts. This torque driver comes with a few bits, and is packaged in a nice case. It is easy to set the desired torque. Nice, sharp break when limit is reached. Good range for setting torque. I have no way to test the accuracy.

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