Henry Brothers Henry Brothers
My best investment
This pump is great, consistently gets down to 0.08-0.1 MPa. I've used the pump for vacuum distillation and solvent removal many many times and it has handled all the organic solvents I've thrown at it no problem. I've been able to run the pump for 8 hours straight and my only complaint is that the water gets warm after a couple hours of running. I did not realize this unit also has the capability of pumping water for a condenser. This is an awesome feature and works very well with fantastic water pressure. It should be noted that as the water warms up, the effectiveness of a condenser decreases. Conveniently, this unit allows for water flow to simply be held in and no longer pumped through the condenser. This allows you to selectively keep cool water in the condenser, very helpful. I've dropped the pump twice, re-assembled one filter that popped off, run the pump without water, and still never had an issue with this unit. 5/5 - 100% worth the money!
Matthew Matthew
Mophorn 5L RE-501 for the win!!
The packaging was very secure. The instructions were decent, and the equipment was not hard to assemble. We used it to recapture our first batch of Hemp flower extract and alcohol within a few days of the shipment arriving. This will be a work hoarse for Fan Leaf Infusions for sometime to come. MW
Rich Rich
Great value
Works as well as much more expensive vacuum pumps.

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