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weld screen .....that ... screens
good screen a little wobbly rolling around..
pat pat
OK quality screen. with a couple of issues
This screen does the job I need it to do. One thing to note: the tubes that the casters mount to is held in place with a single screw. Even when firmly tightened, the tube will not stay in place. I ended up tack welding them to the vertical frame tube. You could replace the set screw arrangement by drilling a hole through both tubes and install a machine screw and lock nut that goes through both tubes. Also, the grommets are a little flimsy on the screen. I need another screen, I will probably try another brand next time just to see if there if any improvement.
Balance Balance
Poor inspection - Overall okay
Compared to the others in this price range, the Mophorn seemed the best deal. Shipping was surprisingly quick.Generally satisfied with purchase with two complaints (while annoying, not enough reason to return and am pretty sure, competitors will have similar issues).1) While the picture of the folded curtain shows a metal grommet, there are no grommets, just heat sealed holes which will eventually tear. I have the tools to replace with proper grommets when the day comes. There is also no "quick frame attachment system for adjusting size". Zip ties is what you get and that's it.2) The end of one leg only had one hole for the caster bolt. Not the end of the world. Threw it on the drill press and made another. Just odd in that I would have thought that in manufacturing, they would have drilled through each piece.........Went with the yellow/amber screen which is a bit more transparent than expected, but I bought to contain spatter, etc, not to protect vision for others as I work alone.It is actually pretty rigid for something held together by spring pins and the casters are surprisingly decent.Will probably go ahead and by a 6 x 6 to go with it.

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