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Dan Dan
Sturdy and well built
These handrails are well built and very sturdy. I have installed 2 of these in concrete. We feel very safe using them.
D. Wetor D. Wetor
Vevor Railing
It was easy to install. A hammer drill and a 3/8" bit. The bit isn't included. I wish it would have come in black and not gray. I bought two, one for each step. About 15 minutes per railing. The anchors worked, but, they should have been better. The anchors are the main support for a railing. Something stronger would be better. Still, they work great.
Prawnstar Prawnstar
Truly perfect!
Looks classy, is sturdy, goes perfectly into concrete! I needed this so badly for the icy winters in Minnesota where my elderly Mom has a set of just two steps. She adores the one and wants another so it matches that one side. Lol. Very happy with product!
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Good Product
I was apprehensive about the quality and how it would look in the front of the house. I have an interesting set up with a 4' wide step and sidewalk, with a 6' opening between the porch posts, and no where to anchor a railing next to the step. This railing is sturdy, looks good and easy to locate where you need the safety of a railing.
Katherine Smith Katherine Smith
Exactly what I expected
There is a tiny bit of give so I wouldn't recommend a overweight person using it to pull themselves up stairs but for my 66 year old mother is provides more than enough support and looks great.
Uncle Albert Uncle Albert
I needed this!
Fantastic construction and sturdy. I really needed this and I'm glad I found such a classy one here on Amazon. The price has gone up since I first looked at it, but what hasn't ? Pfff, Get it while the gettin is good is about all I can say now. It's beautiful.
wombat wombat
Love it
We have a deck with no railing and only two steps off the deck to ground level. After a few too many cocktails the neighbors complained about nothing to hold onto when they go home. This piece of art looks amazing and works perfectly, love it. Not to mention it probably saves me from a future lawsuit
Jeff Connell Jeff Connell
Elderly people in my building.
I needed something that looked good, was solid, and most importantly, safe. This was a no brainer.
Leo1452 Leo1452
So cute and sturdy
I am redoing my garden and was going up and down brick stairs with my hands full many times. I really felt I needed a handrail but nothing big. This one is perfect. I did paint it black because it only came in dark gray. I am so happy with it as it gives me something to hold onto but is not overwhelming. The curves make it very cute as well. Also it’s really sturdy!
Ricky Ross Ricky Ross
may save my life
I had a terrible fall that almost cost me an eye. 22 stitches over my eyebrow later, I Installed this on the step down in my sunken tub to hopefully save me from a more horrible experience. Age doesn't care that you heal more slowly. This is more sturdy than I could have imagined. I would buy this again if I had another sunken tub to install it in. I wish I could have had something more contemporary or industrial to match my decor, but this was all I could find, and glad to have it!

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