Tacoma Tacoma
Fuel Tank
The power wires were 1 foot too short. Easy fix. The pump pumps extremely fast. I added 20’ of hose to reach where I needed to fuel. Worked perfect with the added hose. Advertised as 58 gallons. I could only fit 55 gallons.
Don Goodman Don Goodman
Portable fuel tank
Product should of been less height so it could of been hidden under a tonneau cover. Besides that great product, thank you.
Craig C. Craig C.
Great tank, but power cable too short.
The power cables are too short. My truck is a crew cab and even with the tank up against the cab in the bed, the cables are about 2 feet too short. I have to use a portable battery pack to power the pump - which works well the 3 times I've used it, so far.

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